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You Can Buy On-Page SEO Services By The Page

One way or the other, on-page SEO is going to cost you:

  1. In time and frustration if you try to handle it all yourself
  2. In money if you outsource it
  3. And DEARLY if you ignore it

I suggest option No. 2: Buy on-page SEO.

It’s the option that lets you focus on your business while your website actually works for you.

I’m going to show you why you need on-page SEO. And I’m going to show you how it works. Let’s do it.
On-Page SEO Service

On-Page SEO Is NOT Optional

On-page SEO is the foundation that makes your website work for you. It has to be solid.

Ever seen a house without a foundation? Maybe in your backyard — a child’s playhouse.

On-page is what you do on the page to improve SEO. That encompasses a wide range of complicated tasks, such as:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Redirects
  • Header tag optimization
  • Internal linking
  • URL structure
  • Site speed

Serious websites have solid SEO foundations that cover ALL of those tasks and much more. Yours is a serious website. Or at least it should be if you want to succeed.

Foundations are not optional for homes. On-page SEO is not optional for websites.

And It Makes ALL Your Marketing Efforts Work Better

Here’s the thing to remember:

Like the foundation of a home, on-page SEO is just one part of SEO. But it’s a REALLY important part.

Remove the home’s foundation and it collapses. Try to build the home on the topsoil, and it sinks into the earth.


  • Neglect your on-page SEO and build a bunch of backlinks, and your backlinks will have MUCH less impact.
  • Neglect your on-page SEO and drive website traffic with paid ads, and website visitors won’t convert.
  • Neglect your on-page SEO and go viral on social media, and excited potential clients encounter a broken site and lose confidence. And momentum.

You can’t have that. You NEED your website to be on-point. And that means having razor-sharp on-page SEO.

Why Invest in On-Page SEO Services?

OK, but why not do it yourself? You built your business, so why can’t you figure this on-page SEO stuff out?

You could. Business owners are smart. But trust me:

It will take you years to master on-page SEO. Along the way, you’ll make mistakes.

Mistakes happen. But when they happen with YOUR business, you lose money.

That’s true if you’re running a local service business like a law firm or a multi-location business like a digital marketing agency.

You might forget one of the hundreds of potential ranking factors. You might accidentally make your site look spammy to Google. You might break the whole thing.

But when you invest in on-page SEO from a seasoned, professional vendor, that doesn’t happen.

The opposite happens: Your search engine visibility grows.

You rank for more keywords. Your rank HIGHER for more keywords. You get more relevant traffic. Your backlinks work better.

Everything comes together.

Let’s get a little more granular:

Improve Rankings and Traffic

When you improve your on-page SEO, your rankings and traffic improve. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

For a local service business, it looks like this:

And it’s even bigger for bigger sites with more pages and more keywords to target.

In any case, it’s a game-changer. Why?

Because you get higher rankings for relevant keywords. That means you get more traffic from Google. And more traffic means more conversions (form fills, phone calls, newsletter signups, etc.).

And THAT means your business grows.

And remember:

This is an investment that yields returns EVERY MONTH.

Some on-page SEO tasks are on-going, sure, but when you buy a one-time on-page SEO audit and overhaul, you’ll get returns on that investment from then on.

Sharpen the User Experience

On-page SEO is a multidisciplinary endeavor. You don’t just think about search engines. You think about people.

What’s better for people is better for Google. That’s because Google has always had a primary interest in ranking sites that provide the best user experience.

On-page SEO, in many ways, is about sharpening the user experience on your website:

  • Evaluating search intent and whether your pages actually serve it
  • Optimizing site speed so users don’t get frustrated and leave your page
  • Providing helpful links to other pages on your site so users get their questions and concerns answered in full

The list goes on. And the deeper down the user experience rabbit hole you go, the more your rankings will improve.

Not just because Google likes to see good user experience signals directly on your site. But because website visitors are more likely to:

  • Link to your site
  • Revisit your site
  • Click your site in search engine results
  • Spend more time on your site

When you provide a great user experience fueled by perfect on-page SEO.

Get More Leads

Let’s talk about what matters:

On-page SEO can grow your business.

The reason why is a combination of everything we’ve just discussed. Sharpen your on-page SEO, and you get more traffic from search engines. Those website visitors have a better experience.

And that makes them more likely to contact you or convert in whatever way you hope they will.

Leads are how businesses grow. On-page SEO is a MAJOR source of leads for almost any business with a website.

The Uppercut On-Page SEO Process

Imagine a world where you believe so much in your business that you decide to really invest in it. And one of the ways you invest is by trusting Uppercut with your on-page SEO.

What would that look like? I’ve already told you what happens at the end:

Your business grows. Because your Google rankings increase, which increases your website traffic, which gets more eyeballs on your offer, which gets more revenue through the door.

But what happens before that? Let me tell you: It’s a PROCESS.

On-page is very much a process — not a task — and an ongoing one in many cases. You’re never truly done with on-page SEO.

Does that mean I want you to sign some endless contract for on-page SEO? Not at all.

Of course, we’re always here to update your on-page SEO. But the main thing we want to do for you is overhaul everything that isn’t working about your on-page SEO strategy (or lack thereof).

This is a product in and of itself, but it’s also a way of making our backlinks work better. You have to have your on-page right so your backlinks, which we love getting for clients like you, do their thing.

So what does that mean my team will do for you? A lot of things. First, we look at your Google Search Console to get a clear picture of what’s happening.
Let’s begin with the overhaul:

The Full Overhaul

Here’s what happens:
We get into your site and exorcize all the demons. We find our first demons in the SEO basics.

Fix Your URLs

If your URLs look like this:


You have an SEO problem. And we’ll fix it.

We’ll program your website to automatically create SEO-friendly URLs.

What does that mean? It means your URL for every page reflects the title of that page. And that will usually mean your URL contains the keyword for which you’re trying to rank.

Set Up Redirects

The problem with changing your URL structure is that, suddenly, you have a bunch of old URLs (done the wrong way) in Google and elsewhere that don’t work anymore.

You may also come to us with broken internal links (links from one page to another on your site that just don’t work).

Redirects can solve both problems.

There are several types of redirects. I won’t bore you with too many details, but basically, we’ll do a deep dive into every page on your site to look for broken links and pages that no longer exist.

Then we’ll redirect them so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

That way, users don’t hit dead ends on your site anymore. And neither does Google. Both good things for your SEO.

Fix Your Title Tags

You’ve seen title tags before. They’re the titles that appear in blue text in Google search engine result listings:

Google sometimes chooses them based on your page content. But you get to “set” them in the code of each page on your website.

If you didn’t know that, you’re way behind already. And if you did know that, you might not know that Google actually uses your title tags as a ranking factor.

In other words, what you write for every single title tag can have an effect on the ranking ability of each page.

We’re not going to let an on-page opportunity like that just sit. We’re going to do a deep dive on your webpages and optimize every single title tag so that it:

  • Contains your target keyword for the page
  • Is short enough so that Google won’t truncate it
  • Is on-point enough that Google is less likely to rewrite it
  • Entices Google users to click on YOUR search listing and not your competitors’

Make Your Meta Descriptions Shine

Meta descriptions are similar to title tags. They appear just below title tags in search engine results.

They’re not a direct ranking factor for Google. But they DO have an impact on whether Google users click on your result in search.

So, we sharpen up every meta description so it’s more likely to encourage a click.

Optimize Your Header Tags

See the words “Optimize Your Header Tags” above this sentence? That’s an H4. All H4s should be under H3s, and H3s should be under H2s. And each page should have one — JUST one — H1 as the title of the page.

Header tags (H-tags) should also be keyword-rich. And they should “tell the story” of the content of each page if a person is skimming.

There are a lot of picky rules like that for H-tags. And they can have a PROFOUND effect on your SEO.

That’s why H-tag optimization is a huge part of our on-page offering.

Amp Up Your Alt Text

Every image on your site that is meant to illustrate a concept or otherwise convey meaning should have alt text.

And that alt text should be keyword-rich. And actually descriptive of the image.

But so many people skip alt text. And they shouldn’t.

It’s a big SEO factor. Search engines use it to understand images. And it’s meant to help people who use screen readers understand images, too.

We’ll check every image on your site, find the ones with no alt text or poor alt text, and fix them.

Insert Internal Links

If you read much of my writing about SEO, you’ll see that I really love backlinks. But I need to be clear about something:

Internal links are a BIG deal.

If you’re sleeping on your internal link strategy, you are quite literally leaving money on the table for your business.

Google has seen internal links as important for a long time. And that has only become more true over time.

If a page on your site has tons of internal links pointing to it, it’s probably important. That’s how Google reads it.

But Google also reads the anchor text — the text that accompanies each internal link — to understand the meaning of internal links and the relationships between the pages they link together.

So, your internal links in general need to be optimized. And so does your internal anchor text.

It’s a big job — easily one of the most complicated parts of any SEO audit or long-term strategy.

But we’ll take care of it for you. And you WILL see results linked directly to this action.

Audit Your Outbound Links

If internal links are the forgotten stepchild of SEO strategies, outbound links are the disinherited black sheep of SEO strategies.

That’s my way of saying almost NO ONE gives outbound links the attention they deserve.

Except my team, of course. We know these links — which point from your site to other sites — tell Google what kind of website you’re running.

That means you need to link to authoritative and trustworthy sources. This is your chance to show Google you have some kind of a connection with the most trusted websites in your industry.

We’ll audit every outbound link on your site, remove the ones that aren’t up to standards, and add plenty that are.

Overhaul Keywords and Content

This is a huge part of our on-page offering. We’re going to get our hands dirty digging through your content.

We’re going to dig up every keyword you’re targeting and/or ranking for. And we’re going to see why you’re not ranking higher or for better keywords.

That means we’ll:

  • Make sure you’re meeting the expectations of searchers who are entering the keywords you want to rank for
  • Check that you’re using keywords appropriately in all of your content
  • Make sure you’re using related semantic terms for every keyword
  • Find new keywords you should target
  • Recommend updates to existing content and the creation of new content
  • Tell you which content you should delete
  • Find and fix keyword cannibalization problems

And much more.

The Technical Tweaks

Some people think of on-page SEO as separate from technical SEO. I see them as one and the same.

So my team does technical SEO as part of on-page SEO. What does that mean for your website?

It means we’ll do the following:

  • Boost site speed. You need a fast website. We’ll find what’s slowing you down and eliminate it.Set up an
  • SEO plugin. We’ll set up a plugin that makes it easy for you to make SEO changes in the future.
  • Identify and fix crawl errors. If Google can’t properly crawl your site, it can’t properly rank your site. We’ll find out where the crawl is breaking down and make sure it works.
  • Build your sitemap and robots.txt. Sitemaps speed up SEO. Robots.txt files can completely destroy SEO when they’re not done properly. We’ll get you on the good side of both issues.
  • Make sure you’re on HTTPS. If you’re still on HTTP (no S), you’re WAY behind. We’ll fix that for good and set up sitewide redirects to boot.
  • Check and configure schema. Schema is a vast uncharted wilderness in SEO. You don’t have time to learn it or do it yourself. So we’ll do it for you. The result will be better rankings and bigger, flashier listings in Google results (think reviews stars and the like).

Among many other related services. So you don’t have to worry with it. And your site performs not just as it should, but BETTER than your competitors.

The Ongoing On-Page Tasks

Like I said, on-page isn’t ever really done.

Do the stuff I’ve described above for every existing page on your site, and you’re done. For a little while — at least until you publish your next blog post or landing page.

(Which should be pretty soon, if you’re doing it right.)

We can handle all of the on-page items we’ve discussed so far for every NEW page you publish, too. That means every page will be primed to skyrocket through the rankings.

On-Page SEO Pricing Explained

Let me just be clear about something:

Uppercut is NOT the cheapest on-page SEO vendor you’re going to find. Not even close.

If you value your business, read that as a good thing.

I’m speaking from more than a decade of experience in this industry: You get what you pay for.

And when you don’t pay enough, what you get can actually leave you worse off than you were before you started.

For example, here’s a Google Search Console screenshot for a site that bought dirt-cheap on-page SEO services from a shady vendor:

Yikes. The site was small but growing. And they got kicked right out of the Google index.

That’s what can happen if you buy on-page SEO for dirt cheap prices. Yes, it’s an extreme example, but it’s not uncommon.

More likely: Purchasing low-cost, low-quality on-page SEO just won’t move the needle.

But that’s the negative. Now let’s look at the GOOD side of paying reasonable prices for world-class on-page SEO work:

It just gets better and better.

What that screenshot DOESN’T show is all the work going on behind the scenes. And that’s the point. You don’t have to worry about it — you just get to see these fat graphs and feel the real-life effects on your business.

To sum it up:

You get what you pay for. And with Uppercut, you get beautiful graphs, better rankings, and more traffic. And that means more revenue for your business.

In other words, our on-page SEO service pays for itself.

Enough sales pitch. Let’s get into the nitty gritty. Here are our on-page SEO prices:

Full On-Page SEO Overhaul

Clean up your website and optimize your existing pages to prepare for high-quality link-building.

Update SEO Basics

Make sure nothing foundational is holding your site back in search.

  • Ensure SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Handle 301 redirects if needed
  • Rewrite page titles
  • Rewrite meta descriptions
  • Optimize H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • Ensure images use proper alt tags
  • Add relevant internal links with the correct anchor text
  • Add appropriate outbound links

Keyword & Content Analysis and Update

Sharpen your content and keyword approach to take your site even further.

  • Analyze search intent
  • Ensure the use of synonyms and LSI keywords
  • Identify your target “money” keywords
  • Find long-tail keyword variations
  • Do a keyword difficulty analysis
  • Identify keyword cannibalization issues
  • Ensure word count match the top-3 competitors
  • Inspect sentence and paragraph structure
  • Use Grammarly to do minor rewrites
  • Update keyword density and proximity
  • Make recommendations for adding content to existing pages, if needed
  • Make monthly landing page and blog post strategy recommendations

Just $250 per page.

Technical SEO Overhaul

Get up to speed with tech-heavy Google recommendations so you don’t fall behind.

  • Install and configure an SEO Plugin (Yoast)
  • Build and submit a Sitemap
  • Create a Robots.txt file
  • Find and fix crawl errors
  • Set up HTTPS and redirect other versions
  • Improve your desktop and mobile site speed
  • Install and configure image compression plugins
  • Update schema markup/structured data

Just $1,000 per website.

Page/Post Publishing with On-Page SEO

We publish your content on your website and optimize it for search. We’ll contact you to get your website login details after checkout.

  • Ensure SEO-Friendly URL structure
  • Write excellent page titles
  • Write compelling meta descriptions
  • Optimize H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • Ensure images use proper alt tags
  • Add relevant internal links with the correct anchor text
  • Add appropriate outbound links
  • Format for easy reading

Just $150 per page.

Why Choose Uppercut for Your On-Page SEO?

We’re worth it. Here’s why.

Expertise, Experience, Excellence

I’m no SEO newbie. I’ve done this for literally thousands of websites.

Let me tell you a story:

I used to be CEO of a multimillion-dollar marketing agency for law firms. I co-founded it. And for a long time, I was the primary driver of new business.

I got that new business by doing in-depth SEO analysis videos for individual law firms.

I shot hundreds of these things. Each one had a detailed analysis of what was going wrong with the firm’s SEO.

And when those firms signed with us, we already had our gameplan. We just had to go back and watch the video I made.

Why do I tell you this? To prove it. To prove that I’ve done this thousands of times.

It’s something I could do in my sleep, but when you work with UppercutSEO, you get our FULL attention. That means you get the full benefit of our expertise and experience.

What does that leave you with? Excellence. You’ll join the hundreds of businesses who have trusted my teams with their on-page SEO and seen real growth as a result.

Proven Strategies and Results

Over thousands of analyses and years of experience, I’ve discovered what works and doesn’t work with on-page SEO.

Let me be really clear about something:

I didn’t take a course. I didn’t read a bunch of SEO blogs. I didn’t guess.

I arrived at my knowledge the only way that really works in this business: with a long-term grind. By building strategies, testing them, and getting results.

And then I productized that knowledge. And I built a team around it. And I’m going to share it with you.

And you WILL benefit from it.

After so much success in this space, that is something I know for certain.

Transparency and Communication

I don’t do bullshit. So my company doesn’t do bullshit. And you won’t get bullshit.

You’re probably used to getting bullshit, though. If you’ve ever worked with another SEO company, you’ve felt this first-hand.

Some of the problem comes down to good, old-fashioned lies. But another big part of the problem is about transparency and communication.

The lack thereof, that is.

That’s why I’ve baked transparency into my offering. With Uppercut, you get a personalized SEO dashboard. It shows you what’s going on. What’s been done and what’s coming.

And what’s happening.

There’s no mystery there. There’s no chance for anyone to mislead you. It’s just you and the numbers, and numbers don’t lie.

But, of course, we’re here. You can talk to us. And we’ll talk to you — probably a little more than you’d like at first.

That’s because we’re going to MAKE SURE you’re getting what you pay for. And that it works like it’s supposed to.

Customized for YOU

Every website is unique. Your website is in a unique market, with unique competitors and unique challenges.

You need a custom on-page SEO plan. If you needed cookie-cutter, you wouldn’t be here. Because cookie-cutter doesn’t work when you’re in a crowded space.

Custom works — when it’s created by real experts. That’s who’s on my team here at UppercutSEO.

When you trust us with your on-page SEO needs, we’ll dig in. We’ll get our hands dirty, sifting through all the SEO sins of your website’s past and cleansing them from existence.

We’ll actually LOOK at the numbers surrounding your website. We’ll actually THINK about what will make those numbers better. And then we’ll do it.

That’s what custom on-page SEO services should look like. We’re making it happen, and you can get in on it.

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