Link Building Frequently Asked Questions

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What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link on another site that points to any page on your site. Think of backlinks like it’s your website’s nutrition. Healthy backlinks make your website strong. Every marketer’s goal is to have as many quality backlinks to their site as possible.

What is link building?

Link building is searching out relevant authoritative websites and getting them to link to you. Marketers and business owners must have a good strategy for generating backlinks to boost the ranking of their websites. UppercutSEO provides a top-notch link building service.

Why would an SEO agency hire UppercutSEO for link building?

Our white-label link building service will improve workflow, link quality, and profit margins. And, great links will make you look like a rock star.

  • Rock solid quality: we weed out the spam and keep relationships with 10,000+ bloggers
  • Content is 100% scalable: our vetted writers produce content our bloggers approve of
  • 3-4 week turnaround: our process is clean and tested
  • Guarantee: we’ll replace links if they do not meet your requirements

Can you have a successful website without link building?

The need for building backlinks will depend on the mission of the website. All websites can benefit from backlinks, but business websites are the ones that benefit the most from this marketing technique. When a business website has more backlinks than its competitors, it’ll get higher placement in the SERPs and the lion’s share of visitors.

What are outbound links?

Outbound links are links you place on your site pointing to other websites.

What are inbound links?

Inbound links are links from other sites that point directly to a page on your site.

What’s a hidden link?

A hidden link is a link that is live on a page but is invisible to the reader. These links are often created in white text and placed on the white portions of the webpage. They are not meant to be clicked.

This is an old Black Hat marketing technique that is rarely used today.

What is an anchor text?

Anchor text is the word or phrase that is turned into a link. Using relevant keywords in the link gives visitors more incentive to click on the link and tells Google what the linked page is about.

What’s the difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow links?

The difference between these links is how they affect your rankings. Do-Follow links feed your site “link juice” and help it rank higher. They pass nutrition through from one site to the other. No-Follow links are good signals in Google’s eyes, but they’re not as powerful as do-follow links.

What is a contextual backlink?

A contextual backlink is a link found within a website’s main content. The link fits naturally within the content instead of links in a web page’s sidebars, advertising, or footers.

Are No-Follow links necessary?

Indeed, no-follow links do not pass link juice. They are, however, still an important part of your backlink profile.

Although Google looks for do-follow links for authority and ranking purposes, you need a natural number of no-follow links to balance your link profile.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Domain Authority is a numerical value given to a website based on a series of factors that determine the trustworthiness of your site. MOZ developed this algorithm, and it is one measurement SEOs use to determine the strength of a website. The rating is from 1-100, 100 being the highest.

Page Authority is the same but applies to specific pages within your site. Every page on your site gets its PA rating from 1-100. Pages with more backlinks usually get higher ratings.

We prefer the ahrefs rating, DR (Domain Rating), because we believe it’s more accurate.

What is reciprocal linking?

Reciprocal link building is a “You add my link on your site, and I’ll add your link to my site” deal. The purpose of these links is to provide visitors with easy access to additional information about a product or service or to promote a partnership between sites. It’s not a good link-building strategy.

What is a tiered link-building strategy?

Tiered link building is the process of building the strength and authority of your first-tier links, so they pass more link juice to your money pages. Warning: do not buy cheap tier two links, because they’ll poison your tier one and hurt your money pages.

What is broken link building?

Broken link building is a clean and powerful strategy for increasing the strength of your website. We find dead or broken links on authority websites, reach out to the webmaster to let them know the link is dead, then offer a fresh target link.

What are internal links?

Internal links are just what their name states, links within the same site. These links help improve navigation, give users a better experience, and spread link juice around your website. Internal linking is very important for organic ranking.

What is three-way link building?

Three-way link building is a link-sharing method between three sites when one person owns two of the sites. It is a way to connect all three sites and pass link juice in a natural way.

Site A links to site B, but site B does not link back to site A.
Site B then links to site C, and site C links to site A.

What are testimonial links, and are they valuable?

This is when you offer to provide a testimonial or review on another site in exchange for a link back to your site. This can work well if you’re already considered an authority on the subject. They can be great links if they are within the content of an authoritative page.

Is link building still relevant?

Yes, absolutely. Link building is continuing to evolve just link any other marketing practice on the Internet. Just because some older methods are no longer useful does not mean that link building is obsolete.

Search engines will always review links and use them to determine website authority and, ultimately rankings, so link building will be a worthwhile effort for any business.

How does link building help your site?

Think of links as your website’s nutrition. Google scans your site and reviews the link profile to compare it to your competitors and determine where you should rank. All else being equal, you will rank higher in search if you have better links than your competitors.

What is link juice?

Link juice is the power sent from one site to another through the do-follow link. The link juice’s power and value to the receiving website are determined by the sending page’s authority and relevance. Link juice can be measured with tools like aHrefs.

What is a backlink profile?

A link profile is a list of all of the sites or pages that are linking to your site. This includes current and archived information. Link profiles can be found and analyzed using SEO tools like aHrefs.

What is expired domain link building?

Domains from abandoned websites expire and become available for purchase. The interesting thing about these domains is that the links pointing to them are still live, so the domain still has authority and value. We can buy them and 301 redirect them to your website or build a new website on them and use them for link building.

What is link claiming?

It’s finding websites that mention you or your brand, then contacting them and asking if they will add a link back to your website using the brand mention as the anchor text.

Is link building complex?

Yes. Link building is a hard and ongoing process that requires patience and dedication. There are easy ways to get links, but these links won’t increase your authority or ranking. Cheap, easy links will hurt your website.

Getting high-power trusted links for your website is challenging. You need to have a solid strategy and lots of time. Plus, you need to be able to adjust that strategy as algorithms change.

What are the easiest links to get?

The easiest links to get for a website are directories and social media profiles. All you have to do is create an account and boom – you have a link. There are services that can do this for you, which makes it super easy, but don’t expect these links to help you rank.

Where’s a good place to start building links for my new site?

When launching a new site, start with the easiest links first. Manually set up your profiles on top social media sites, then use a service like Knowem to get the rest.

Next, you should make sure you are listed with all of the relevant local directories. Use a service like Brightlocal to quickly and easily get listed in high-quality directories.

Now you are ready to start looking for authoritative links. This will take more time, which is fine because you are just now establishing the site. Guest posts on other sites with links back to your site are the best way to get the best links. You can get high-quality guest posts with UppercutSEO.

What backlinks are the most effective?

Guest posts and link insertions are the most powerful links you can get because they provide contextual links, and you can choose the domain authority and the anchor text.

How long does it take for backlinks to start working?

That’s a tough question to answer with any certainty. A single backlink does not have much power to increase your rankings. It takes several backlinks to start the momentum of increasing your ranking in Google.

The types of backlinks, the domain authority, the brand authority, link velocity, competitiveness of the keywords used, anchor texts, and relevance of the content that the link is contained in will all impact the quality of that backlink and how much it helps your site.

Can I get enough links naturally without actively building them?

Natural links are nice, that’s for sure, but they’re not something you can rely on. In such a competitive marketplace, it is better to be aggressive about going out and building your own links than waiting for someone to possibly find your site and mention your product and be kind enough to include a link without being asked.

Can I buy loads of links on Fiverr for $200?

That’s a really bad idea. Google sees random links on forums, cheap sites, and link farms as spam, and you can be penalized for participating in this type of scheme. Google wants to ensure visitors get valuable information from a link, so these cheap and easy-to-get links provide zero value to the user and the web.

Why is my link building not working?

Many factors go into organic ranking, including tons of on-page components. If your content and on-page SEO is perfect, your page loads in under one second, your schema is all set up, and your link velocity and anchor text are dialed in…it could be just a matter of time.

Should I avoid getting multiple links on the same site?

You can have multiple links from one site. It won’t hurt, but the second or third link will not carry the same weight as the original link. Strive to have only one link per site. This way, you generate more links from more sources, boosting your “referring domains” and authority.

What is the average success rate on an outreach campaign?

If you’re good at it, 5 percent of the sites you outreach to will respond. This is a very low number for the amount of effort it requires. Outreach link building is a challenging and time-consuming job, but it can move mountains when done correctly.

How can I persuade someone to link to my website?

  • Make sure your content is relevant to their website and super high quality.
  • Interact with business owners in your niche on social media. As you become more recognized, it will be easier to ask for a backlink.
  • Write testimonials and product reviews and conduct interviews, then ask for a link to the review page.
  • Work with influencers and quote them in your content to get noticed, then share a great piece of linkable content and ask for a backlink.

Are Local Citations Valuable?

Local citations improve your rankings with Google My Business. Local citations are good signals for Google that you’re a real business with an address, so it can improve your visibility in maps and organically in your local area.

Are forum links good for SEO?

Forum links used to be a viable link-building strategy, but I don’t think they work anymore. The relevance and authority of the forum would need to be very high for a link to impact rankings because they are pretty easy to get.

What’s a content gap?

A content gap is a gold mine for someone looking for credible links. If you visit a site and realize it’s missing relevant and important information, you can contribute a guest post and get a great backlink.

Many business owners would be thrilled to learn of a new angle about their product or service, and they’ll be happy to publish a piece of your content and give you a link back to your website….if the content is great, it helps them sell their product/service, and the link to your site is considered a “relevant outbound link.”

Can a website rank without any backlinks?

No. And that was a very loud NO. Websites will not rank for any search terms without links unless you want to rank for something that doesn’t exist, like “borscht flavored camera lens model CRT63639”. Yeah, you might not need links for that search term.

How can I tell if a website is relevant for a backlink?

If the content flows seamlessly through the link from one page to the other, it’s probably a relevant link. If it makes sense for the reader to follow the link to the information on your site, then yes, it’s a relevant site. You can also check the Topical Trust Flow (TTF) using the Majestic SEO tool.

Don’t build the link if it is a long stretch between connections or there is no relevance. It could hurt your ranking.

What’s the best SEO analysis tool?

I love and live in Ahrefs because it’s freaking amazing and tons of fun if you’re insane about links like I am. I’ve shared loads of content on this tool and what it can do.

What are the biggest link-building screw-ups?

It’s very easy to make mistakes in link building. Here are a few biggies:

Getting links from spammy sites. Google will yank the rug under you when they see spammy sites in your link profile.
Over-optimizing your anchor text. Blowing out the percentage of exact-match anchors will get you into trouble with Google.

What are the most important link attributes?

I recommend relevance because Google is looking for a smooth transition between pages. After relevance, I would say it’s page authority, then probably traffic. Be careful of fake bot traffic. Real traffic comes from organic ranking. (there are ways to check for this)

Is outsourcing my link-building better than doing it on my own?

Most businesses, even SEO companies and marketing agencies, depend on link-building companies to build links for them and their clients. Link building is tricky and time-consuming; many see it as a drag on their productivity. Having a professional company manage link building is the right choice for most businesses.

Is off-page SEO more than just link building?

Link building is the big off-page player – no question. However, there is more than link building. Aside from on-page SEO, everything you do to promote your website builds relevancy, authority, and trust. Social, GBP optimization, and reviews are examples of non-link-building off-page components.

Should I invest in content marketing or link building?

You need both. Content marketing and link building are the two most important things you can do to promote your site. They go hand in hand. Content marketing provides the “relevance” of your website and gives your visitors the information they need. Link building builds strength and authority and pushes you up in the SERPS.

Do you need advanced SEO skills to be a link builder?

To do your outreach, yes, you’ll need advanced skills and lots of experience, plus you’ll need to be highly organized, persistent, and goal-oriented and learn and adapt to the constantly changing SEO landscape. And you need to be a nutjob that loves link-building for some reason.

To get quality guest posts from UppercutSEO, you’ll only need to follow some simple instructions. We do all the hard work for you.

Is using a link-building company to rank my website smart?

Absolutely – and I’m not saying this because I own a badass link-building company. Honestly, it’s so easy to screw up a link-building campaign.

A professional link-building company can help you secure the right links for your site and dominate your competitors in search rankings.

What’s the future of link building?

Everyone believes link profiles will play a big part in Google’s algorithm. I guess the relevance and quality of guest posts and link insertions will have to get higher and higher. Cool – sounds good to me.

Should I link to my homepage or my internal pages?

Link to both. Most websites, like social and directories, will automatically point to your homepage, so investing in guest posts and link insertions to your money pages is smart. You can also link to a blog post that links to 2-3 money pages.

Plus, webmasters are more likely to link to an internal page or blog post because it looks more natural from their point of view than linking to a business homepage.

What’s your enterprise link-building process?

We start with a plan – then we tweak that plan before doing any link-building. We need to know exactly what we want to achieve: what keywords/pages we need to rank, what competition we need to beat, and what content we will promote. Then, we make a massive list of the sites we need links from.

Obviously, high authority sites are the best for enterprise links, but they are also the most expensive and hardest to get. We will be at the top of our game to get your content published with live links.

How can I do link building for a boring business?

You may not make the cover of Vogue, but if your business offers a product or service, your customers will be searching online to find you. So, build links to your website and rank in the SERPs to bring in more sales.

What’s the fastest way to build backlinks?

Building links is never about speed. In fact, link velocity is a huge ranking factor, and building too many links too quickly will get you flagged.

Plus, you always want quality or quantity. Take it slowly and get the best links you can at an even pace, and you’ll see your rankings gradually improve.

Are image links valuable?

Yes. Image links can pass juice and help boost your rankings, especially if you add the correct keywords in your ALT text. Google is good at distinguishing the relevance of an image, but adding the right attributes will help.

Does link proximity affect its value?

Yes. Links within the first few sentences of content are more powerful and send more juice than those found later. Links lower on the page still count, but it’s better to get them in the first few paragraphs.

What is Skyscraper link building?

Skyscraper link building is an advanced and time-consuming strategy that follows these 3 steps:

Find a page relevant to your product or service that has LOADS of good links pointing to it.
Analyze this content and find ways to improve it: deeper info, a twist, discovery.
Reach out to every website linked to that first piece and ask them to link to yours instead.

What’s your link-building guarantee?

We guarantee that you will get the DA, anchor text, and traffic volume you ordered and that your links will stay live for at least 90 days. (Most links will stay live indefinitely) We will replace your link or refund your money if there is an issue.

What is your customer service process for communication?

You can use our customer service website chat portal and dashboard to connect with someone regarding your order or to ask questions about our link-building service.

What is a Blogger Outreach Service?

Our Blogger Outreach Service makes it easy for agencies and business owners to get high-quality links from bloggers. Your link will be placed within an original, well-written post, so they’re as natural as possible. A link from our bloggers will serve as an authority signal, which will help increase your website’s strength and push you higher in the SERPs.

Dofollow and Nofollow links: what’s the difference?

Dofollow links pass page authority (link juice) from the blog post to the target URL (linked-to page.) Nofollow links do not pass juice but are still valuable. We obtain Dofollow links because our goal is to send juice and increase the power of your website.

Are your links Dofollow?

Yes, all of our blogger outreach and niche links are dofollow. If you ever receive a no-follow link, please contact support, and we’ll fix it immediately.

How can I know if a link is do-follow or no-follow?

Check the source code on the page linking back to you and look at the link.

It will look like one of these:

<a href=”https://www.domain.com”> Anchor Text </a>
<a href=”https://www.domain.com” rel=”nofollow”> Anchor Text </a>

You can also install a NoFollow app in your browser that will put a red box around any NoFollow links.

Are your link-building services white hat?

We’re as white hat as I’ve ever seen. We have very high standards to filter out the garbage – and yes, there’s loads of garbage out there: repurposed sites, private blog networks (PBN), low or fake traffic, high spam ratings, low DA, etc. That being said, almost anything you do online to increase your site’s authority is against Google’s very broad terms of service.

Should we use the expired domains strategy to build authority?

If you want to get fast but temporary results, buy some expired domains with loads of existing backlinks, and 301 redirect them to your website. We do not offer this service because it’s black hat, and the results do not last.

Do you do local citations, too?

No, but we can recommend a reliable service for you.

Do you build social media profile links?

No, but you can use a few different services for this. We recommend Knowem. Please note all social media links are Nofollow links, so they do not pass link juice and will not increase your website’s authority.

Why does my website need backlinks?

Think of backlinks as your website’s nutrition. Without backlinks, your website will not have the strength (authority) to move ahead of your competition. Link building is considered to be the most important ranking factor in Google. If you don’t invest in backlinks, your website will not rank and get relevant traffic.

How many clients can you handle?

UppercutSEO is designed to be fully scalable so that we can handle a large volume of blogger outreach clients and agencies. Are you an agency with 100+ clients? No problem.

What if our SEO guy handles our link-building?

Put us in touch! We’ll have lots to talk about. Our blogger relationships and clean processes will make your lives much easier and more profitable.

We already did the extremely difficult and time-consuming task of securing the best bloggers as link sources, so we will cut your outreach cost and provide more powerful links simultaneously.

Your SEO manager can focus their time on-page while knowing the links are taken care of.

Does your service violate Google’s terms of service?

Your links will be in excellent pieces of educational content that are posted on high-quality, relevant websites. The websites have great backlink profiles, rank in Google, and have real organic traffic. This is as authentic and natural as you can get…faster, cheaper, and more successful than doing it on your own.

Have any of your clients been penalized as a result of your links?

No. Our standards are extremely high: excellent content, relevant, high-quality sites with real traffic, no PBNs, no fake traffic, and no spammy backlink profiles.

Do you require any contracts or min spend?

Nope. Buy as much as you want, whenever you want.

What does your pricing look like?

See the breakdown in your dashboard. Create an account for free.

Will your backlinks guarantee ranking results?

No, we cannot guarantee results with just our backlinks. While most will agree that backlinks are the most important ranking factor, many other factors are out of our control. We guarantee that your links will be placed on relevant, high-quality websites. The more links you have pointing to your website, the better results you will get.

How does it all work?

Easy for you, hard work for us. 🙂

You place your order on our website with your target URLs, anchor text, and topics, and we do the rest. We write the content, create custom outreach campaigns to suit your order, and communicate with website owners to get your piece published on their website with a DoFollow link pointing back to your URL. (or a link placed on an existing article when you choose Niche Edits.)

Do you use PBNs (private blog networks)?

No. We do not own or work with webmasters that own PBNs. PBNs do not have relevant traffic, so they immediately get cut from our list.

Do you offer bulk discounts on guest posts and niche edits?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts to agencies with high volumes every month. Call us to discuss. If you’re a small business owner looking to get the best bang for your buck, check out our packages. We have some sweet deals on high-end link building that suit your needs. Call us if you do not see a package that interests you.

Do you do tier 2 link building?

We do not do tier 2 link building that you see being offered for $20 a link. That kind of Blackhat SEO will crush your rankings. We offer quality tier 2 links; you can get them in your dashboard.

Do you offer press release distribution?

No, PRs provide very little value in terms of relevance and authority, and we’ve seen this pull ranking down.

What tactics do you use to secure links?

We search the internet for websites in a wide range of niches with great metrics, real traffic, and interesting content and reach out to build a relationship. During that process, we pitch your content and ask for a backlink to your website. You get a report of all successful guest posts at the end of the month, so you can see every link you earned.

Who dictates strategy during a campaign?

You start the ball rolling by placing your order online, so ultimately, you’re running the show. You choose the topic, target URL, DR, traffic volume, and anchor text. We do all the hard work of generating the content and securing the placement.

What link-building strategy will work best for my website?

That’s hard for us to say without knowing your circumstances, but in a nutshell, you want to get a mix of DA and traffic volume. Link to your homepage 25%, your money pages 25%, and blog posts 50%. Vary the number of links you buy every month.

Who will be managing my project?

Our Link Building Director (LBD) and Outreach Managers (ORM) will manage your project.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact?

It depends on your level of investment. Agency owners/managers will have a dedicated Link Building Director (LBD) to speak with. Business owners that make smaller orders will always have full access to our Outreach Managers (ORM) via email and chat.

Who will be doing the actual link-building work?

Our entire team will have a part in securing your links. Chief Operating Officer, Link Building Director (LBD), Outreach Managers (ORM), Content Editors, Prospectors, and Writers.

Do you outsource work overseas?

Yes, of course. We’re very proud of our incredible team. They are the best and brightest we’ve ever worked with.

What is your agency’s team structure?

  • Chief Operating Officer: oversee all operations to ensure absolute rock-solid quality and reliability
  • Link Building Director (LBD): manage all fulfillment processes
  • Outreach Managers (ORM): handle all publishing and all publisher relationships
  • Content Editors: order and proof guest posts
  • Prospectors: find and filter great websites for publishing
  • Content Writers: research and write guest posts

How often can I expect to see reports?

Live URLs will appear in your dashboard after your guest posts are published, usually within two weeks after purchase.

Should I do directory profile link building?

I would say that 95% of directory sites are spammy. Stick to getting building profiles on only the major directories like foursquare.com, yellowpages.com, hotfrog.com, superpages.com, merchantcircle.com, bbb.com, nextdoor.com, elocal.com, local.com, yext.com, spoke.com, aboutus.com, etc.

Niche-specific directories are good too, but you’ll need to check the metrics and spam scores before creating a profile.

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