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The internet is a vast ocean of content. And most of it stinks.

You wouldn’t waste your time reading most of it. So why would you add to it by creating crappy content for your own website?

You wouldn’t. That’s why you’re here.

At UppercutSEO, we do content differently. And by differently, I mean the right way.

The way that gets your website ranked. The way that gets your customers’ attention. The way that grows your business.

Our team of SEO writers is based in the U.S. and is completely dedicated to creating knock-out content for businesses just like yours.

Get Knock-Out Results With Our Website Content Writing Service

We go for the TKO when we create content:

  • The best content on the topic.
  • The content will live at the top of the search results.

How do we do it? By actually reading what’s out there and making damn sure that what we create is better.

Check out a few opponents we’ve TKO’d for our clients:

UppercutSEO vs. Content Farms

If you’ve been in business a while, you’ve probably at least heard of content farms.

These are the companies that hire hundreds of writers who may or may not speak English as a first language. And then they pay them pennies to crank out drivel that’s meant to flood Google with nonsense.

Guess what? That doesn’t work anymore. Just check out what happened to one of the largest and most successful content farms in history:

That was 10 years ago. And they’ve been falling like dominoes ever since.

Why? Because Google hates them. They don’t do what Google asks: Create great content that people ACTUALLY want to read.

You’re smart, so you probably don’t have to think too hard to understand how Uppercut outperforms these behemoths.

We create great content that informs, delights, engages, and, most importantly, RANKS.

UppercutSEO Website Content Writing Service vs. In-House Writers

Why not just hire your own writers in-house?

I love this question. It shows me that you’re actually thinking. But the answer is pretty simple:

Hiring even a single full-time writer is going to cost you WAY more than you would spend on high-quality content with us in a year.

The AVERAGE content writer in the United States makes just under $50,000 per year:
Salary Content Writer in United States June 2023 _ Glassdoor

I mean — if you want to spend $50K on content this year, good for you. But it’s probably overkill.

That is, however, what you will spend if you hire a full-time writer in-house.

And that doesn’t account for health insurance, taxes, and everything else that comes with hiring your own employees.

The money problem is a big one, but that doesn’t even get us into the other drawbacks:

  • You’ve got to train this person.
  • You’ve got to manage this person.
  • You’ve got to edit this person’s work (or hire an editor).

That all costs time and money, too.

But when you work with Uppercut, we take care of all that. And we DON’T charge you $50,000 for content in a year.

Why UppercutSEO Is the Last Website Content Writing Service You’ll Ever Need

I wish I could say we’re the only non-content farm game in town. But we’re not. A lot of people in the industry have caught on and started selling quality first when it comes to their content.

Notice what I said there: They’re SELLING quality. They know it matters to business owners like you.

But are they actually delivering it? Sadly for their customers, no.

And that’s why Uppercut is the last content service you’ll ever need. We deliver quality.

We can keep it plain and simple, or you can keep reading to see WHY we beat the competition every single time.

A Website Content Writing Service Perfectly Tuned to RANK

Our content ranks. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. We can create content for you that contends for the top spots in Google results.

That’s because our content creators have done top-to-bottom SEO for years. They know what makes content rank, and they know how to write it.

In other words, our writers aren’t just English majors dreaming of literary careers. They’re SEOs and marketers who know how to create content that moves the needle.

In fact, our team has ranked content in INCREDIBLY competitive search engine results pages (SERPs) in fields like:

  • Law
  • Health and fitness
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Ad tech
  • Commercial real estate

That’s just the beginning. And if you want to see the numbers behind those efforts, we can show them to you:

Decades of Website Content Writing Experience

You don’t start creating killer content overnight. It takes time. Years, even, to get to the level that will help you dominate the competition.

Our website content specialists can hardly remember their apprentice years. They’ve been doing this for decades.

And trust me: You don’t keep creating content for decades if it isn’t working.

That’s because content is a grind. It’s hard. And often thankless. The only way you keep it up for an entire career is if the accolades are rolling in.

And they are. Our content clients love us — more and more with every passing year.

Legwork Done for You

Just sit down and write, right? Wrong.

Writing is just one small-ish part of the content equation. There’s a lot of legwork.

When you’re talking about SEO content, you start with keyword research. And if you’re doing it right, that takes a LONG time.

That’s because you’re searching for keywords that:

  • Are relevant to your business
  • Have search volume
  • Are not dominated by massive sites you can’t compete with

That takes some serious effort. Once you’ve identified keywords to target with your content, you then have to determine the right format.

Is it blog posts? Optimized landing pages? Industry studies? Thought leadership? White papers?

The list goes on. And each format delivers information in a different way that appeals to a different audience.

You have to pick the right format. Then, you have to do research.

Even if you’re an expert, you’re not writing straight from your brain. You’re finding reliable sources, verifying what you think you know, and learning what you don’t know.

Research is time-consuming. Finish that, and THEN you’re ready to write.

That’s a lot of legwork to get you to a blank document. But that’s what great content calls for.

The good news is that Uppercut’s content team does all of that for you. It’s a part of the package when you order high-quality website content from us.

A Custom Approach

Most business owners are attracted to repeatable processes that they can productize. That’s where the money is, after all.

Yeah, but not in content.

When you do one-size-fits-all content creation, you get content that sounds like everything else. It doesn’t stand out. And for that reason, it doesn’t perform.

That’s why we only do custom content.

What do I mean by custom?

I mean that we’ll truly understand your business — your market, your customers, your competitors, your past and current website performance — before we ever put pen to paper.

We’ll then use that knowledge to build a custom content strategy for you. It’ll be purpose-built to get not just results but the EXACT kinds of results you’re looking for.

Website Content Writing Driven by Data

Guesswork may get you far in some fields, but content is not one of them. Every word on the page has to be supported by data.

In the case of most website content, that means SEO data:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Available SERP features
  • And so on

But it also means the data surrounding your existing website. What are you already ranking for? How can we capitalize on that?

Most website content-writing services won’t even look at data before they start writing. They’ll get the keyword and run with it.

Maybe that works, maybe it doesn’t.

I’m not comfortable with that kind of uncertainty, though. So, I expect my content team to dig into the data and show their work when they write. And that’s what they do.

Content Written by Storytellers

We love the data, but we don’t lose sight of the soul of great content: storytelling.

Storytelling is what takes the reader from reader to customer. It’s what compels your prospects to convert.

And it’s one of the hardest things to do in content creation.

Why? Because when you’re not writing content for your own business, you’re telling someone else’s story.

We identified that challenge a long time ago, and we’ve risen to it. We’ve created high-converting content for hundreds of websites in a wide variety of niches.

And we will do it for you.

End-to-End Support

In my career, I’ve actually worked with a few website content creation services. Some have been better than others, but they all had one crappy detail in common:

They just tossed Word Docs into my email inbox. No context, no support. Basically, just an email that says:

“Here’s your content. Do whatever you want.”

Fine — it’s what I paid them to do.

But what if I had a question or concern? What if I had needed help getting the content onto my website? What if I wasn’t sure whether I was doing all the SEO parts right during publishing?

Most of them would’ve told me to get lost if I asked for help. But I believe in best-in-class service, so my content team is actually here to help you.

It’s end-to-end content support. And if you think about it, it makes sense:

If we support you from step one to the end, we give our content the best possible chance of performing how it’s supposed to for you. And the better it performs, the more of it you want to purchase from us.


Quality First, Quality Forever

Life and business are about sacrifices. But we will NEVER sacrifice on quality. In the age of AI and low-quality content, we just can’t budge there.

We prioritize quality in every blog post, landing page, and guest post. It has to be great—the best, actually.

And that’s what we’re going to keep doing. Forever.

Over my years in this industry, I’ve gained a broad view of what ultimately wins. It’s always quality.

In both content and on-page SEO services, fads come and go. They burn out bright and fast like a match struck in a dark room. But quality is a lighthouse — a tall, strong beacon guiding your business to the shores of SEO success.

We’re here to be your lighthouse.

The Uppercut Website Content Writing Guarantee

Uppercut’s website content service guarantee is simple:

You WILL be satisfied with our content. In the unlikely event that you aren’t, we will fix it. We’ll keep at it until you’re glad you partnered with us.

Our Content Process

Creating website content is complex. But the process of working with us as your content partner is simple:

  1. Sign up for a 100% free account with Uppercut SEO.
  2. In your dashboard, click on “Buy Website Content.”
  3. Fill out the form and answer the questions about what you need.
  4. Get excited — your content is underway.
  5. We reach out with publish-ready content and answer any questions you have.

In the rare event that you want some revisions, all you have to do is let us know through your dashboard or via email. We’ll get it done the way you want it fast.

How Quality Website Content Writing Grows Your Business

Perhaps we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves. Maybe you’re one of those readers who takes a while to be convinced.

Good for you. Really. You SHOULD be skeptical in this industry.

But I’m not BSing you: Content is key. Without it, the whole SEO equation doesn’t add up.

Here’s more about what content does for your business:

Boosts Google Traffic

Organic traffic — meaning it originates from search engines like Google — is the single most cost-effective and scalable source of website traffic on the planet.

That’s because EVERYBODY uses search engines. That includes your target customers.

And search engines have a vested interest in sending their users to content that actually answers their queries. That’s how they keep users coming back and bring in that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

So, to get a piece of that traffic, you have to play the game: Create content that search engines want to serve to users.

Do that, and over time, you’ll be rewarded.

That isn’t to say that you can create a bunch of content, throw it at the search engine wall, and see what sticks. Absolutely not. It has to be great, and you have to do all the other incredibly important SEO stuff (including backlinks).

But you start with content. Website content will expose your business to more search engine traffic.

Not convinced? Here’s a little experiment I did:

I created a really basic website about a generic topic. I wanted to test what would happen if I published one simple article every single day — without doing anything else related to SEO.

(I do this a lot — tinkering is the best way to stay up to date in the SEO industry).

I didn’t edit the articles. I found a writer who would create them inexpensively.

I didn’t do basic SEO. I didn’t do backlinks. None of that stuff. I just got the articles and put them on the site.

Here’s what happened:

That’s nearly 7,000 clicks and 158,000 search appearances from Google in a few short months. With basic content and nothing else.
Look — it’s not life-changing traffic for most businesses. But it’s not nothing, and when you actually put in the work to create great content and do the SEO stuff, too, the results are 10x FAST.
That’s the power of content.

High-Quality Website Content Builds Trust

Consumers are getting smarter every day. They don’t trust businesses by default — especially when they encounter those businesses online and not in the physical world.

How do you create enough trust to convince website visitors to become customers? With content.

You’re reading this right now. It sounds like me, Tom. I’m telling you my story and my experiences. I’m sharing my expertise. And I’ve filled this website with content just like that about all kinds of subtopics in my field.

I did it for SEO, first and foremost. But I also did it to make you trust me, to show you that I’m a real person who really knows his stuff, someone who can get real results for you.

You can do that, too. You need the right content.

That means blogging regularly and building out an authoritative website that truly helps readers understand your niche and business. We can help you with that.

Creates Assets

Every URL on your website is a piece of digital real estate. It’s an empty lot. And the content you publish on that URL is like the building you build on that empty lot.

It’s an asset — hopefully an income-generating one.

When you create content and publish it on your website, you create new URLs. Google crawls those URLs and serves them to Google users.

But it goes deeper than that. Once you have the content on your website, you can turn it into even more assets to grow your business.

Think about it: We write a blog post for you. You like it and publish it, and it ranks well. But then, you repurpose it.

You turn it into an email to send to your list, create 10+ social media posts based on the content, and send it directly to potential customers when they ask questions related to the content.

You get to keep using it to benefit your business for as long as you want. That’s what a digital asset is supposed to do.

Increases Crawling

If you’re unfamiliar with how search engines work, don’t worry. You need to understand a couple of simple things.

First, search engines find content to show in search results by crawling websites. They use a huge amount of resources to crawl most of the Internet and try to conserve those resources when possible.

One key way they do that is by NOT crawling websites that stay the same. If your website hasn’t changed in months, Google is less likely to waste resources on crawling it.

But if you change your website by publishing new content, you are giving Google something new and valuable the next time it crawls your site.

Then it wants to crawl your site more often. Keep publishing, and your crawl frequency will increase to the point that you’re crawled nearly every day.

Why does that matter? Because it’s KEY for your SEO.

You NEED Google to like your website and crawl it frequently. That’s how your content gets indexed and ranked. That’s how you reach people who use search engines (aka, new customers).

Expands Your Brand

Here’s a really simple way to think about website content creation:

Every single page you publish on your website increases the chances that your website will reach more people’s eyeballs.

That means content can raise awareness of your brand. When you create a massive website, the website becomes a brand in and of itself.

That can only be a good thing. More awareness means more potential revenue. Simple as that.

Great Website Content Attracts Backlinks

Great content attracts all-natural backlinks. I’ve seen it too many times to count.

People make the mistake of thinking the only way to get backlinks is to buy them or actively seek them out.

But that’s not true.

Yes, those are key ways to build backlinks. But great content augments your link building efforts.

That’s because people want to link to great content. If your website is full of great content, people will link to it.

That means you need tons of content that answers people’s questions, shares expertise, sheds new light on complex topics, and so on.

That’s exactly the kind of content we create for our clients.

Invest in Great Website Content Writing with UppercutSEO

Content is an investment in your business. It’s the foundation of SEO success, so you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Take it as seriously as you take your business. Invest in great content and get great results.

When you’re ready for content that actually grows your business, we’ll be here. Just sign into your dashboard and tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen.

Thanks for reading this post!

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