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Home renovation SEO and link building isn’t easy or simple. But it IS essential to the long-term growth of your business.

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Last updated on January 18, 2024

Pop quiz: Which one of these will help you grow your home renovation fastest?

  1. Hammer
  2. Nails
  3. Home renovation link building

If you guessed option three, you nailed it.

Sure, you need ALL of your tools and supplies, including a high-quality hammer and the right nails for the job.

But those things help you RUN your business. Backlinks, on the other hand, help you grow it.

Don’t believe me? You’re not alone. I’ve seen TONS of home services professionals fall into this trap:

You ignore SEO advice like “build home renovation backlinks” because you want to focus on the jobs at hand. It works for a while, but then the phone stops ringing.

You start paying for leads. With little to show for it. And you start to wonder if you’re in the wrong business.

You’re not in the wrong business. You just took the wrong approach. But it’s not too late to reverse course.

Below, I’m going to give you everything you need to start building backlinks that grow your home renovation business.

Let’s go.

Link Building 101 for Home Renovation Websites

Before we go any further, I want to make sure you TOTALLY understand backlinks and link building for home services businesses.

(If you already get it, feel free to move on to the next section.)

A backlink is a link on a website other than your own that points back to YOUR website. These links are visible to both human readers and search engines.

Human readers may click them and land on your site. This is rare-ish but can still help with brand awareness.

Search engine crawlers will almost certainly follow those backlinks. And they’ll log them away in their indexes as votes of confidence for the quality and relevance of your website.

In other words, backlinks are a BIG deal in SEO. Perhaps the biggest deal there is.

And link building is the process of getting MORE backlinks.

For the most successful home renovation businesses in the world, link building is an ongoing process that they invest in. Heavily.

Do Backlinks Really Matter for Home Services Businesses?

Who cares? You do. Or you should.

Why? Because backlinks REALLY matter in the crowded home services space.

I don’t have to remind you of just how many competitors you’re up against. It seems like every corner of even small towns has a contractor or some kind of home services professional on it.

They’re all fighting over a finite resource: Home services jobs in your service area. And one of the places they conduct that fight — the primary place, actually — is online.

In other words, you and your competitors are trying to get people to find your websites and hire you.

SEO is a common method of getting your website found. And backlinks are THE foundational concept in SEO.

Let’s do a quick case study to prove this point. I live in Austin, Texas, so I’ll focus on two contractors in the Austin area:
the one ranking No. 1 on Google for “home renovation Austin” and the one ranking at the bottom of page one of Google (No. 10).

The No. 1 result, https://www.cgsdb.com/, has more than 3,300 backlinks:

And the No. 10, result, https://www.simplyhome.co/, has 130 backlinks:

This is no coincidence. I encourage you to check this for yourself in your city. You’ll see that, in almost all cases, more backlinks = higher rankings for the home renovation keywords that matter.

How to Get Backlinks as a Contractor

Convinced yet? If not, book a call with me and I’ll give you even more examples.

But if you’re ready to start building a scalable link building strategy for your home services business, see below.

These are the two primary backlink building approaches for home renovation businesses:

Build Them Yourself

A lot of people want to try building links themselves before they pay someone else to do it. They want to see if they can do it and save on costs.

I get that. I applaud that. And I’ll even walk you through a bunch of link building methods you can try on your own later in this article.

But I also want to warn you about something:

Link building is hard as hell.

I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. It’s never been easy. But now, website owners are wise to most link building tactics, so it’s harder than ever before.

It’s also more essential than ever before. As AI content floods Google, backlinks will become an even stronger indicator of quality content and websites than they already are.

Remember: Google can’t actually read your website content. It uses a ton of factors — backlinks being one of them — to pretend like it’s reading your content.

I’m telling you this to emphasize this point:

Link building is hard. And if you try to build backlinks yourself, you’ll learn that first-hand. And you CANNOT just call it a day because it’s difficult.

That’s a near-certain recipe for falling behind the competition. And letting your home renovation business die.

No one wants that. Except your competitors, of course.

Work with a Reputable Link Building Agency

The alternative to DIY link building is, somewhat obviously, paying someone else to do it. But you have a few options within this broad category:

  • Hiring someone to be your in-house link builder (too expensive, and you have to be able to train them or trust that they know what they’re doing)
  • Hiring a link building freelancer (pretty hit and miss, and freelancers flake faster than French bread)
  • Hiring a reputable link building agency (the Goldilocks option — juuust right)

Why is that third option the best one?

Because agencies like UppercutSEO have something to lose. They have a reputation. They have proven results. And they have the infrastructure and connections to ACTUALLY build the backlinks you need to boost your rankings.

The UppercutSEO Approach to Backlinks

UppercutSEO is the result of YEARS of experience coupled with my frustration at all the BS in the link building industry.

I built it to serve businesses exactly like yours. To actually do the job. And actually get you results.

That means we put these values above all others as we build links for you:


I spent a lot of time building our proprietary dashboard. A ton.

If you’re not in the SEO space, you may not be that impressed with a dashboard that shows you what you’ve ordered, what’s been delivered, and what you can order next.

But this is an absolute rarity in the link building world. Because link builders don’t want to be held accountable when they fail to get you the backlinks they promised (and you paid for).

I don’t mind that level of accountability for my team. I welcome it, not just because I hold my team accountable directly but because we have no problem getting the results we promise to our clients.

Utter transparency is how we stand apart. And serve you better.


UppercutSEO has built relationships with top-tier home services websites for YEARS so we can get better backlinks at better prices.

And we pass those better prices on to you.

Backlinks, like many things, fluctuate in price. But we’re consistently lower than the other top-tier link builders out there.

That’s because I want you to work with us for the long term. To get real, measurable value from our services.

And you can’t do that if you’re paying through the nose for backlinks. So, we price our services accordingly.

No, we’re not the cheapest, but you don’t want the cheapest. And we’re not the most expensive either.

But we ARE the best. You can bank on that.


Need 10 backlinks in the home services space? You got it.

Need 100, or even 1,000? No problem.

We’re built to scale to ANY level you need. That way, as your web presence and business grow, we grow with you.

We’re the one link building provider you need. Forever.


A crappy backlink is worse than no backlink at all. That’s a cold, hard truth that many link building agencies wish you didn’t know.

But you DO know it now. And we’ve known it a long time.

That’s why we only invest in backlinks from top-tier, niche-relevant sites. In other words, links from sites that will actually increase your rankings in Google.

Backlinks can be powerful, but only when they’re powerful backlinks.

Link Building Methods for Home Renovation Websites

There are dozens of ways to do home renovation link building. I’ve chosen a few that I think are relatively accessible and described them below:

Guest Posts

Guest posts are articles published on other sites that include a link to your website. You (or someone working for you) write those articles and submit them to the sites that publish them.

This is a classic link building technique that gets a lot of hate, but it’s one of the most effective methods out there.

The key is only submitting guest posts to websites that:

  • Are relevant to the home services industry
  • Get real traffic from Google
  • Are not spammy
  • Have their own strong backlink profiles

To glean those insights about a particular website you may want to submit a guest post to, you’ll need one of the popular SEO tools: Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc.

They’ll cost you, but they’re worth it if you can build a consistent link building process with them.

Link Insertions

Link insertions are similar to guest posts but potentially more powerful. That’s because they give you a backlink on a piece of existing content rather than a piece of new content.

Theoretically, existing content has had time to “mature” with Google, meaning it has been getting traffic and accruing its own backlinks. That makes YOUR link that gets inserted into that content much more powerful, much more quickly.

To do link insertions, you’re going to need to reach out to webmasters directly via email or website contact forms.

Most will say, flatly, no. But the ones that say yes usually want to charge you for the link insertion.

Tread lightly here. Do your research on the sites. And don’t get yourself penalized by Google for paying for spammy backlinks.

Directory Links

Business directories are a slam dunk when it comes to home services link building. I’m talking about directories like:

And many more.

These sites can drum up some business for you in their own right. But many will allow you to add a link back to your website on your directory profile if you pay a fee.

In most cases, this fee is well worth it. These sites are niche-relevant, and most of your strongest competitors already have these links.

The thing about directory links, though, is that they’re a baseline. You need them to compete, so definitely make sure you’ve got them, but they won’t put you ahead of the competition like other types of backlinks will.

UppercutSEO: The Link Building Agency of Choice for Home Services Professionals

Home renovation link building isn’t easy or simple. But it IS essential to the long-term growth of your business.

If you want to try the DIY link building route, I’ve given you enough to get started.

If you want links now, I’ve given you the rundown on why UppercutSEO is the agency that can actually do that for you (the right way).

I encourage you to give us a try, whether that’s right now, after you try building backlinks yourself, or when the budget allows. The UppercutSEO team will be here, ready to help, whenever you’re ready.

When that time comes, you can go ahead and claim your free dashboard (no credit card required) or schedule a free consultation with me.

Thanks for reading this post!

Check out the UppercutSEO dashboard to get content, SEO, and links!