Crypto SEO: How to Get Search Traffic When You’re Not Bitcoin

You CAN edge your way into a sustainable spot on the crypto market spectrum. More and more projects are doing exactly that.

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Last updated on February 19, 2024

In life, the only constant is change. But in crypto, you’ve got a few key constants to deal with:

  • Change (wild, neck-breaking fast change)
  • Pushback from regulators and a significant portion of the public
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the pack

Oh, and one more constant: The constant feeling that you need to be using SEO to get the word out about your crypto project but having no idea where to start.

I can’t help you with all the other constants, but I can help you with that last one: SEO. Let’s dive in.

Why Invest in SEO for Your Cryptocurrency?

Go into a quiet room and listen closely. You hear that ticking sound? It’s the sound of the clock ticking on your altcoin, blockchain project, or other crypto endeavor.

From the moment you started, time was running out. Because, as you know, these things have a REALLY short life span.

That is, unless they “make” it. Meaning they’ve gained widespread adoption in the crypto community, on crypto exchanges, and with the crypto-friendly public at large.

SEO is how you make it.

It’s how you show up in Google search results when people are researching crypto and blockchain investments.

It’s how you raise your project’s public profile enough to boost adoption past that initial lift.

It’s how you edge out your competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and rake in the spoils of pushing them onto page two.

SEO Problems Altcoins and Blockchain Projects Face

The “why” of crypto SEO isn’t complicated. It’s the “how” that throws people off.

Specifically, it’s the “how the hell do I” get past these dozens of roadblocks and make SEO actually work for me.

If you’re not sure what problems I’m talking about, that’s because you either haven’t started doing SEO for crypto yet or you haven’t gotten very far.

Here are some of the crypto-specific SEO hurdles you’ve got to get past:

You’re Competing with BTC and ETH

The day I sat down to write this article, Bitcoin had 52 percent of the crypto market share. And Ethereum has 17 percent.

They’re household names at this point. So it makes sense that they’d dominate the market.

The next closest competitor was Tether — another household name — with just 5 percent of the market share.

You’re not a household name (yet). But you’re competing with household names that have dominated the crypto market since its inception.

You’re not Elon Musk, either. So you can’t just tweet about your altcoin and drive a massive buying frenzy.

But SEO can get you there — gradually, sustainably, eventually — if you do it right.

You’re in a YMYL Niche

I’m about to take you into the crypto SEO weeds for a minute. You with me?

Most crypto projects are financial in nature. That means they get special treatment from Google.

And when I say “special,” I mean they get extra scrutiny.

Google calls topics that can affect people’s financial, physical, or mental well-being “Your Money or Your Life” topics:

I won’t wade into all the SEO debates surrounding how Google actually factors these concerns into its algorithms or manual review guidelines. But I will tell you this:

Crypto is, without a doubt, a YMYL topic. And that means you’re going to have a REALLY hard time ranking well without the following:

  • Incredible, unbeatable, trustworthy website content
  • The best backlinks in the industry
  • Actual authority in the crypto and blockchain spaces

Of course, all three of those things are hard to obtain. Therein lies the challenge.

Gaining Public Trust Is an Uphill Battle

You don’t need me to remind you of this, but I’ll say it here anyway so I can place it in the context of crypto SEO:

The public doesn’t trust you or your colleagues. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.

Pew Research data shows that 39 percent of American adults don’t believe cryptocurrencies are reliable or safe at all. And an additional 36 percent said they were not very confident that crypto was reliable or safe.

That’s 75 percent of American adults who already don’t trust your crypto project.

Of course, we know that public trust is shifting in favor of crypto over time. But that’s a slow shift.

What does this have to do with SEO? Everything.

Because even if you show up in search results, you still have to spark trust in those who encounter your website.

And when people don’t trust your SEO content and don’t click on or engage much with it, you’re sending signals that may harm your SEO efforts overall.

The Market Is Saturated

It seems like everybody has a crypto project (with funding!). But almost no one will have the same crypto project in 10 years.

The vast majority of cryptocurrencies that exist now won’t make it another five years or decade. But right now, there are THOUSANDS of altcoins and related projects. And more every day.

And they’re all going to be competing with you in Google search results through SEO. You can bet on that.

A saturated market is hard to compete in. Which means SEO is all the more important.

Crypto SEO Agencies Are Mostly Scams

The crypto and SEO industries actually share something: A lot of people think they’re scams.

On both sides, that’s because of a few bad apples spoiling the proverbial bunch. But I can attest to a grain of truth on the SEO side — specifically in the crypto space:

The vast majority of SEO providers specializing in crypto are basically scammers.

They may not be running an actual scam. But they didn’t know SEO when crypto first became a thing, and they still don’t.

But they’ll happily take a few grand off of you every month until you figure that out.

Maybe it’s because crypto already had a sort of scammy reputation. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. But it’s one of the main challenges of finding a crypto SEO provider regardless.

Even Decent SEOs Don’t Know Crypto

There ARE good SEO providers. And they WILL take your business. But there’s just one problem:

They don’t know crypto. They don’t understand it. (Most people don’t.)

And I need you to hear me on this:

SEOs need to understand the subject matter their clients are dealing in.

Otherwise, everything from keyword research and content to backlinks and technical SEO falls apart.

How UppercutSEO Can Help with Crypto SEO

How do you solve these challenges and actually find a reputable crypto SEO provider?

You just smash that “Get Started” button you see at the top right corner of your screen:

I’m serious: UppercutSEO is purpose-built to ACTUALLY get the SEO job done for crypto projects and companies like yours.

Here’s how we’ll help you:

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

Every UppercutSEO client gets a 100 percent free SEO dashboard. There, you’re in control.

By that, I mean you can order backlinks, content, on-page services, and more at the scale you need. When you need it.

Try finding that ANYWHERE else in this industry. I’ll wait.

I know you won’t find it. I couldn’t find it either. And that’s why I built it myself.

Cutting Through the Noise

You’re in control with UppercutSEO, but you’re not on your own.

The SEO world is filled with lots of noise. It’s hard for a non-expert to know what they should listen to and what they should ignore.

We’ll help you with that.

I’ve personally been doing SEO for more than a decade. And my team brings combined DECADES of additional experience.

If you have a question, you get an answer (the correct answer). If you need an SEO strategy, we’ll build you one.

Building a Scalable Baseline

Building incredible backlinks and creating great content is hard. But these are the bare minimum to competing in the crypto SEO space.

We’ll build you that baseline. FAST.

We’ve built what just might be the most comprehensive network of high-quality, independent sites in the industry. They’re financial and blockchain sites that can provide you real, high-quality backlinks.

We’ve assembled the most proficient team of SEO content writers in the industry, too. So you can get your content engine running right away.

Then, when you’re ready to scale up, we’re here to build off of the rock-solid foundation we set up for you right at the start.

Reporting on What Matters

Smoke and mirrors are the industry norm in SEO reporting. But not at UppercutSEO.

We give you hard numbers on exactly what’s been done with your SEO budget, what’s coming next, and the results you’ve gotten from our work.

We don’t BS you. We don’t lie. And we are ALWAYS here to jump on a call to discuss any any aspect of your SEO efforts.

Pivoting with the Market

This last bit is important:

We understand the crypto market. We know it changes on a dime.

And we know that WE have to change our strategy for our crypto clients when the market changes.

Partner with UppercutSEO, and you get a real partner — an SEO provider that keeps YOU in the loop about current crypto SEO best practices. Not the other way around.

It’s how we keep our edge over the competition. And it’s what keeps our clients coming back every single month.

Building Blocks of a Solid Cryptocurrency SEO Strategy

I’ve just given you a long spiel about why you should work with UppercutSEO. But if you’re wanting to try SEO yourself (or just gain a little more understanding of it), I’m here to help.

Start with the SEO basics I’ve outlined below, and then move on to our many other SEO guides:

  • Keywords. Use SEO tools to identify phrases related to crypto and your project that people are entering into Google.
  • Content. Create content to target the keywords you would like to show up in Google for. It has to be amazing — Google wants to serve the best content to its users.
  • On-page SEO. Optimize dozens of factors on your webpages that can affect Google’s opinion (and ranking) of your website. Examples include title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, schema markup, and header tags.
  • Technical SEO. Perfect the (many) technical aspects of your website that allow Google to find your pages, add them to its index, and serve them in search results.
  • Backlinks. Get high-quality, relevant websites to link to your website. This is the foundational principle of SEO because Google uses backlinks to understand how well webpages should rank for given keywords.

Each of those bullet points is an entire discipline unto itself. In other words, there are thousands of professionals who devote their careers to on-page SEO alone. And content. And link building. And so on.

But it IS possible for you to at least try out the basics before you buy SEO services from a reputable provider like UppercutSEO.

Feel free to do so. My team will be here and ready to help when you need us.

You Can’t Beat Bitcoin. But You CAN Build a Sustainable Crypto Project with SEO

Let me be perfectly clear with you:

Your cryptocurrency, blockchain project, etc., is probably great. But it won’t beat Bitcoin.

I’m sorry. But I have some good news:

You CAN edge your way into a sustainable spot on the crypto market spectrum. More and more projects are doing exactly that.

Want to know their secret? I can tell you at least part of it: SEO.

Search engines like Google are the single best source of traffic for crypto companies in the world. You can’t beat it. And you can’t get Google traffic without investing (heavily) in SEO.

Ready to start your crypto SEO journey? Claim your free SEO dashboard or schedule a free consultation with me today.

Thanks for reading this post!

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