How To Get High Authority Backlinks

Avoid falling for tricks like buying expensive links that don’t help.

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Last updated on March 6, 2024

Everyone’s chasing after high-authority backlinks because it’s the only thing that moves the needle in Google – STILL!

Let’s dive deep and understand why these elite backlinks are gold in the SEO world and how you can grab some for your website.

What are High-Authority Backlinks?

High-authority backlinks are like VIP tickets to SEO success.

These links come from websites rich in authority, rocking a domain score of 70 or above.

Imagine getting a thumbs-up from a website that’s a superstar in its field, filled with valuable links, and has been a champ for a long time.

That’s what a link from a high-power website is for your brand.
Authority Backlinks

Unlocking the ‘Authority’ Mystery

Is website authority a baloney sandwich? No.

Authority in the SEO kingdom is all about reputation. Imagine a website being a rockstar, known for its wisdom and magic tricks in its industry.

This rockstar reputation is measured in “power” scores, thanks to Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) system. A higher score, closer to 100, means the website is the Elvis Presley of its niche!

However, some SEO enthusiasts, including myself, find the Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) a bit more in tune with the times.

Google’s Trust in Links

Google’s like a strict but fair judge, weighing each backlink’s worth.

It’s all about trust – imagine your website getting a vote of confidence from a super-credible site like The New York Times or Wikipedia.

That’s like winning the SEO lottery. But remember, all votes are not equal. A nod from an industry giant means way more than a pat on the back from a small blogger.

The Value of Domain Rating (DR)

A higher DR score is like having a VIP pass; it gets your website a front-row seat in Google’s search results. (if you have a bunch of them linking to your website)

DR plays a big role, but it’s not the only superstar. A dazzling on-page SEO and a brilliant content strategy are also headline acts in SEO.

However, the SEO stage does see unexpected stars. Sometimes, websites with a lower DR score also help move the needle in Google.

They add to your website’s performance as long as they’re relevant, not resorting to spammy shortcuts. A good link building service will help you build DR.

Defining High-Authority Backlinks

High-authority backlinks are applause from websites that are legends in their space.

They are respected, trustworthy, and have a strong domain score. But, the score isn’t the only thing.

A website with a score of 75 could still be a mess! So, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the genuine quality of the websites’ content and backlink profile that makes the difference in value.

Pursuing Quality Over Quantity in Backlinks

In the dynamic world of SEO, the prevailing axiom is a fascination with the volume of links, with various studies corroborating that an abundance of links improves rankings.

It’s clear: websites with more links often get more monthly traffic. But does this mean we should only focus on getting more links?


Focusing too much on having lots of links can make us forget about the quality of these links.

Yes, having a good number of links is essential, but it’s also crucial to have valuable links.

It’s wise to use strategies like analyzing link gaps to carefully choose the best links from competitors without getting too obsessed with increasing link numbers.

Think about it like this: getting one excellent link from a highly respected website can be more powerful than getting 5-10 okay links from less respected sites.

Having a link from a top website with a high Domain Rating of more than 75 is way more valuable than having multiple links from websites with a lower Domain Authority of 20.

How to Get Valuable Links from Trusted Websites

Getting genuine, strong links from trusted websites is challenging and requires intelligent strategies and some investment.

Here are effective ways to get top-quality backlinks:

Guest Posting:

Buy guest posts: A classic but powerful method,  starts with creating fantastic content.

For example, writing a standout guest post for a well-known site like HubSpot demands a lot of time and brilliant ideas.

To do well in guest posting, focus on reaching out well and offering valuable content beyond just basic lists.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO connects journalists with experts, allowing a shared space for exchanging knowledge.

By giving helpful information to journalists, you can get valuable links from respected places, building a strong online presence.

Link Exchanges & Swaps

This is a simple but effective approach where SEO teams exchange value by sharing links.

Done right, it’s a safe way to build links.

Both sides benefit, always keeping in mind to maintain quality and relevance in line with Google’s rules.

Outreach for Linkable Content

A respected but complex strategy that involves creating unique content and sharing it with the right people.

Innovative methods like Brian Dean’s SkyScraper technique focus on turning content into something very attractive for linking.

Creativity is key, often using and improving existing data to make appealing and insightful content.

Don’t Buy Useless Backlinks

Link building can be a tricky business, and there’s a lot of sneaky stuff going on.

Some people will try to sell you fancy links from big-name websites charging you a ton of money – think $2000 or more.

But here’s the catch: these links might not even help your website get noticed by Google!

Following these guidelines will help safeguard your SEO strategy from the pitfalls of useless backlinks, enabling you to build a foundation based on authenticity and credibility.

This is especially true for SEO agencies with lots of clients. It’s better to outsource your link building and get it done right than buy cheap links from a shady vendor.

Beware of Deceptive Vendors:

Certain vendors, sometimes found on platforms like Fiverr, falsely promise “high-authority” backlinks from elite sites such as the Huffington Post or Forbes. However, these links often become ineffective and a waste of resources.

Understanding Genuine Backlinks:

Some well-known websites have taken steps against spammy links. For example, Huffington Post has hidden most contributor articles from Google, and Forbes has added “nofollow” tags to many links to prevent them from affecting SEO.

Misuse of User-Generated Platforms:

Some websites allow users to post their own content, which can lead to a proliferation of low-quality links. Google tends to devalue these types of links because they don’t signify genuine authority.

Platforms with Sketchy Vendors:

Websites like Fiverr and UpWork host many vendors offering a barrage of backlinks at a low cost. While tempting, these offerings often lack quality and authenticity and can ultimately harm your website’s reputation and SEO.

Adopt a Vigilant Approach:

Be discerning in choosing where to acquire backlinks. Always prioritize the quality and relevance of the link over mere numbers.

Avoid falling into the trap of quick, cheap, and low-quality link-building schemes that are prevalent on various online platforms.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge:

Equip yourself with enough understanding to discern between valuable backlinks and ineffective, misleading offers.

Be Smart When Getting Authority Backlinks

When building links, you’ve got to be smart and careful. Focus on creating a portfolio of backlinks that add real value and authority to your online presence.

Avoid falling for tricks like buying expensive links that don’t help.

Understanding how different websites and search engines like Google operate is key to making good Authority Backlink choices.

If you want to learn more or need help with Authority Backlinks, reaching out for advice is a good idea.

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