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Most SEO agencies that outsource their link building are getting scammed by link vendors.

I’m NOT calling all link vendors scammers. Some actually think they’re selling good links.

The problem is that they don’t look closely at the referring domains and ranking keywords of the websites they offer.

If they dug deeper into these websites and knew what to look for, they would see that most websites in their inventories were trash and hurting their clients.


Yup, garbage.

The fact is that most websites we analyze have manipulated domain ratings and artificially inflated traffic numbers.

Linking to your clients’ websites with these sick/dying/dead websites will hurt them AND your business.

What is a Manipulated DR metric?

Some link vendors manipulate DR metrics of their websites with fishy redirects and loads of links from spammy domains.

Artificially increasing the DR costs $100 in Fiverr, and then the owner sells hundreds of links for $300 each.

Doing this purposefully is not cool. But hear me out: Many honest link builders sell these harmful links without knowing it.

What are artificially inflated traffic numbers?

Traffic numbers are easy to fake.

Link farms target low-value irrelevant keywords, and the SEO tools show a high traffic number, but in reality, these sites are dead.

Again, I’m not calling all link builders scammers. Many think they’re selling good links but do not look closely enough to know the truth.

You want links from websites that have real organic traffic from relevant keywords.

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