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I just wanted to clarify this from the start. We’re not the cheapest guest post service online. We do, however, try very hard to be the best.

It’s easy to buy guest posts. Many DA40+ site owners will gladly accept a few hundred dollars to place your link. And it’s pretty easy for a guest post vendor to find and add these sites to their inventories and turn a profit.

The problem is that many of these “easy to get” backlinks are unhealthy and can hurt your Google rankings.

My philosophy has always been to work harder and invest more money to get higher-quality guest posts.

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Higher-quality guest posts will always provide better results, keep your website healthy, and gain traction for years.
How To Buy Guest Posts - Tom Desmond

Be An Educated Consumer

The only way to know what you’re buying is to learn the difference between high-quality guest posts and average easy-to-get guest posts.

Please watch some of my videos to learn how to check our work or click here for our Link Building Service.

The Good Things About Buying Guest Posts

Guest posts, when done right, are a very healthy form of link building, and you can generate traffic, exposure, and authority online.

Plus, you have complete control of the most critical components of a link:

  • The DR / DA of the website
  • The target URL
  • The quality and topic of the article
  • The anchor text
  • The link placement (the top of the article is better)
  • You can add NAP (name, address, phone)
  • You can add a CTA

Sounds great! Where do I buy guest posts?

Not All Guest Posts Are Equal, Even If The Metrics Are The Same

Two websites with the same DR and traffic numbers can and will have a totally different effect on your ranking.

But the same DR means the same strength, right?

Not necessarily.

One DR40 link with 1000 visitors per month could be healthy and increase your authority and relevance in Google’s eyes, and a different DR40 link with the same traffic link could be spam and hurt your rankings.

Think of links like nutrition.

Nutritionists would agree that not all protein is the same.

A hotdog from a street vendor is protein, but it will have a different effect on your body than protein from grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

Two links that look the same might only show their differences after looking into the website’s history.

Some Websites Are Only Created To Accept Paid Guest Posts

You do not want links from these cheap hotdog baloney sites.

Let me explain.

Some backlink vendors buy expired domains with decent DR, build new websites with free news themes, add them to their inventory, share them with other guest post vendors, and charge $$$ for backlinks.

While these might have a good DR because the backlinks from the past are still live, they’re not ranking for any meaningful keywords, they have very little organic traffic, and nothing about it is niche relevant.

Even worse, some website owners buy super cheap links from Fiverr to inflate the DR artificially, and this toxic link juice gets sent to your website.


The Google algorithms know exactly what’s happening. At best, these links are just a waste of money. Unfortunately, they could do a lot of harm that will cost a ton of money to reverse.

Make a wise choice and buy guest posts from a reputable company that guarantees you’ll get links from real websites.

Paying a little more for better guest posts is the smart move.

Quality Guest Posts vs Spam, How To Tell The Difference

It’s easy to tell the difference between a hotdog and a steak, but it’s pretty hard to see the difference between quality guest posts and spam.

The tools don’t make it evident unless you dig deep and know what to look for. So, let’s go a little deeper.
Quality Guest Posts vs Spam, How To Tell The Difference


How does the website look and feel? Is it being cared for? Does it have a decent logo? Does it load quickly? It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but a website that looks cheap or clunky is the first red flag.


Read a few pages to ensure the content isn’t spun. Spun or AI content is awkward to read, and Google will quickly catch and devalue or deindex these websites.

A good article or blog post should have accurate and well-researched information, a clear and concise writing style, a strong opening and closing, and a focus on the reader’s needs and interests.

It should also have proper grammar, spelling, and formatting and be free from plagiarism. Reliable content is essential for proving the credibility of a website.


Do the menu and SILO structures make sense? Check to ensure the site is organized by category and the sidebar and internal links are clean and designed to help real visitors find relevant information.

The menu and SILO structure should be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for visitors and Google bots to navigate the site and find the information they want.

A clear and organized site structure also helps search engines understand the relevance and importance of each page, improving its chances of ranking well in the SERPS – and ultimately reaching a healthy number of organic visitors.

Sites with healthy organic rankings and visitors are what you want in your backlink profile.

Got it?

Outbound Links

The website’s outbound links reveal its intent. It could raise a red flag if most outbound links are directed to sales or affiliate pages using exact match anchors.

Single guest posts with many outbound links to service or product pages, using exact match anchors, may indicate a low-quality website.

In contrast, links pointing to informational pages with natural anchors focus on providing valuable content. This is what you want!

Referring Domains

Does this site have a quality backlink profile with links from genuine websites, or do you see tons of links from free web 2.0 sites and link farms?

It’s essential to have links from reputable and relevant websites trusted by search engines. A backlink from a high-authority website packs a bigger punch

On the other hand, links from sites with low-quality referring domains can harm your website’s rankings. These sites are often created solely to sell links and are not seen as credible by search engines. As a result, links from these sites can be viewed as spammy and may result in penalties from search engines.

Anchor Text

It’s always a good idea to check the site’s anchor text ratios to ensure relevance. A personal injury law firm won’t benefit much from a website with all “Matt Damon’s net worth” type anchors.


To determine the authenticity of a website’s traffic, use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to analyze its source and quality, keywords ranking in Google, traffic volume and growth, referral sources, and top pages.

This information provides a comprehensive understanding of the website’s online presence and helps assess whether the traffic is real, engaged, or artificially inflated.

Such analysis is crucial in making informed decisions about building backlinks and promoting content.

Natural traffic from relevant keywords is the bomb!

How To Buy Guest Post

There are two ways for you to buy guest posts with UppercutSEO. You’ll get identical high-end guest posts either way you choose.

Choose Your Buying Method

You can do it yourself on this website. Create your free account and gain access to our amazing dashboard. It’s as easy as buying a pair of sneakers on Amazon. Choose your niche, DR, traffic numbers, price, anchor text, and target URL, and let’r rip.
Or –
Subscribe for one of four monthly recurring guest post services. We’ll analyze your website and your competition, then prescribe a monthly guest post plan to get you where you need to be.

We Find The Websites

We find the best websites to suit your requirements. We only want the best. As stated above, we go way beyond DR and traffic numbers because these are easily manipulated.

Our vetting process includes this 6-point inspection. We check:

  • The history of the site
  • The site’s content to make sure it’s high quality
  • The backlink profiles
  • The anchor text ratios
  • The site’s outbound links
  • The traffic to make sure it’s organic

We Do The Outreach

We find a group of websites with your criteria and manually contact each website owner. This is where the rubber meets the road, and we’ve managed to create a personalized outreach approach that gets us in the door with some of the healthiest and most authentic websites for guest posts.

We Write The Articles

After negotiations and both parties are happy, our writers work on the content pieces. A writer with experience in your particular niche will write your pieces.

We Ensure Your Post Goes Live

Follow up…follow up…follow up until we can confirm that your post is live with the correct anchor text and do-follow link to your target URL.

Log in to your dashboard and check your links when they are live.

You Get Your Full Report

We perform a detailed quality check on your guest posts before we share the final reports with you. Check your dashboard to receive your reports with links to your guest posts and the metrics of the websites. These reports can be white-labeled for you, too.

Why Buy Guest Posts From UppercutSEO?

Winning online is our passion

Combining high-quality guest posts with proper on-page SEO will result in increased Google ranking in any niche, regardless of how competitive it is.

That’s exciting!

Who is UppercutSEO, and how do we operate?

15+ years of experience coupled with a VERY strong will to win always leads to success.

Our dynamic in-house team is focused on only one thing: securing you the BEST placements possible in your niche.

We have strict standards beyond DA/DR and traffic ratings

Tools like ahrefs are fantastic, but you have to look further than the ratings if you want the best guest posts.

As I said above, this is the grass-fed, grass-finished beef: Real DR, real organic traffic, niche relevant, no spam or PBNs.

Every site in our inventory is manually checked by one of our guest post experts, so we’re 100% confident about what we’re selling.

Expert level articles

Guest posts should be more than backlink delivery pieces. They should be informative and intriguing and help a potential customer decide to take positive action.

At a time when many pieces are being created with AI programs (artificial intelligence), our customers (and Google) appreciate the real deal.

Use AI detector to verify your content’s authenticity.

We teach you how to check our work

Our best customer is an educated customer.

The more you know about links, the better we look; that’s why we publish so many in-depth articles and videos on the subject.

Dig in, learn what to look for, and pull back the curtains on our links. You’ll get a clear understanding of the value you’re getting.

White label

As an ex-do-it-all-under-one-roof-SEO-agency owner, I understand how nice it is to have a reliable guest post vendor to help rank my clients.

We’ve got you covered. Call us to create your custom monthly plans, and we’ll make it easy to scale your SEO business.

Guest Post Service FAQs

What’s the difference between Blogger Outreach and Guest Post Service?

They’re more similar than different. The terms are usually interchangeable, but if you want to be technical, the only difference is that Blogger Outreach Services adds your link to the content, and a Guest Post adds your link in the author bio. It’s better to have your link in the content.

Can I choose the Domain Authority for my link?

Yes, you can choose the Domain Authority (DA) in the order form. Please note all metrics change every day, so you may see a higher or lower DA by the time your piece is published. We cannot refund or replace blogs that reduce in DA after your purchase, just the same as we won’t charge you extra if the DA climbs after purchase.

How many backlinks do I need to outrank my competition?

That’s a tricky question, even for a website and niche I’m familiar with. The number of links per site/page is only one component of a very long and complicated game. The best way to form an educated guess is to deeply analyze the top-ranking websites in your exact location and niche, then plan accordingly. We can help with that. Schedule a call.

We recommend 5-20 guest posts per month for a mildly competitive niche.

Changing quantities for blogger outreach monthly is a good idea to ensure a natural link velocity. Order a different number each month: 7, 11, 15, 9, etc

Who will be writing my content?

Our team of vetted writers will write your post. Everything we write is educational, magazine-quality, and targeted toward your audience. We research your topics, develop original ideas, write articles, add links with your anchor text, and pitch them to bloggers in your niche.

What will my blog content be about?

The blog with your link will be informative and highly targeted to your audience (or your client’s audience). Sales garbage or fluff won’t fly on quality blogs. It’s got to be educational and engaging for our publishers to want to offer it to their readers.

Can I get multiple clients’ URLs and different DAs all in one huge order?

Absolutely, and the ordering process makes this easy! You can mix your target URLs, DRs, DAs, RDs, word counts, anchor text, and niches for each line. Create your account today and have fun in our excellent dashboard.

Can we approve content or sites before you publish the posts?

We don’t offer a link approval period before we publish.

To be frank, we work hard to make the complex process of securing the best links as easy, affordable, and seamless as possible. Getting approval each step of the way makes it clunky without any benefit to the client.

Please note that we’ll be happy to replace your links if they don’t fit our promised metric requirements.

How many different backlinks can I get in one guest post?

We usually add 2 links per post, one to your money site and one to an authority site, because this looks most natural. Some bloggers will allow an additional link, like a GMB URL, totaling 3 links per post.

It’s best to link to your website only once per article. We do not recommend linking to two of your clients in one post because this could create a footprint.

If you want to add a second link, please select this option while ordering. It costs $60 per extra target URL per placement.

What do you look at when deciding whether a site is high quality?

There’s a long checklist, but to be brief, we check DA (Moz domain authority), DR (aHrefs domain rating), TF (Majestic trust flow), CF (Majestic citation flow), referring domain history, referring domains, link velocity, traffic volume, traffic quality (yes, there’s such thing as fake traffic), content quality and relevance, spam score, outbound links, anchor text diversity…and more.

What anchor text should I choose?

You can move mountains with the correct anchors! Here’s a massive anchor text guide. and here’s a general bullet point guide:

  • We suggest using the brand name or URL anchors when linking to your homepage.
  • Use a mix of partial match and keyword anchors when linking to money pages.
  • Use the title of the post you’re linking to a blog post on your website.
  • We also recommend using some generic anchors like “click here”, “visit website”, “learn more”, etc.

What’s the difference between guest posts and niche edits?

Blogger Outreach, or “Guest Posts,” results in a new article published on a relevant website. The article will have a link that points back to your URL. We recommend pointing these links to your money pages because the content can be custom written for your topic.

Niche Edits result in your link being added to an existing article. Our process is very different from our guest post process. We look for pages within your niche with excellent backlinks pointing to them, so the link will be more vital and pass more link juice to your website.

Call us if you have questions.

Thanks for reading this post!

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