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We utilize a 100% manual outreach strategy to ensure you get the most potent and relevant link juice straight into your website. Take a look at what we have in your dashboard.

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UppercutSEO Link Insertions is a premium SEO service. (We use Link Insertions and Niche Edits interchangeably)

We utilize a 100% manual outreach strategy to ensure you get the most potent and relevant link juice straight into your website.

Take your time, and read this entire page before you invest your money in Niche Edits.

Be an educated customer.

Learn as much as possible about niche edits: white hat and black hat, the process, how they work, metrics to look for, how many to buy, what anchor text to use, etc.

Learn how to buy niche edits and work them into your link-building strategy.

Whether you’re new to link building or you run an SEO agency and want to learn more about us, this page will answer all of your questions.

Spoiler alert: UppercutSEO is a killer link-building company. I strongly recommend you buy our Niche Edits because I know they’re awesome, I know they work (I’ve seen them increase authority, ranking, and traffic on my own sites and my clients’ sites), and I like making people happy and making money.

Ok – time to dig in.
How To Buy Link Insertions

What Are Link Insertions / Niche Edits?

A Niche Edit, aka “curated links” and “link insertions,” are contextual/editorial backlinks inserted into a relevant, pre-existing webpage or blog post.

We find articles that Google has already indexed and have more robust backlink profiles than brand-new guest posts.

Established pages with backlink profiles feed your website more link juice than a new page to deliver a ranking boost in a shorter time.

We perform a manual outreach, negotiate with the website’s owners, and ask if they will add a paragraph with your link to an existing page.

Here’s a simple example:
You have an eCommerce website that sells golf clubs.

We scour the web for relevant articles and find one about “How To Improve Your Golf Swing.” The page already has 15+ quality backlinks, some traffic, and a good UR (URL rating) score.

Next, we do the same outreach we would for guest posts, but instead of publishing a new page on their website, we ask them to add a paragraph to their “How To Improve Your Golf Swing” article.

Our writers craft a paragraph that adds value to their article, embed your link with your choice of anchor text, and the website owner manually adds it to the page.

Boom!!! Now you have a high-powered link embedded in a relevant piece of content with the correct anchor text, and we have a wildly successful customer.

Note: many niche edit providers do not offer control over the anchor text, so you must choose a phrase already on the page.

We take niche edits a step further. We write and send the website owner a new paragraph with your link so that we can control the anchor text and the copy surrounding our link.

This makes UppercutSEO niche edits an effective tool for building authority AND relevance simultaneously.

What’s Better: Guest Post or Niche Edits?

Each has advantages, so it’s best to have both in your link building strategy.

Here are the fundamental differences between the two.

Guest Posts Are More Relevant

Guest posts are designed to create a high-quality, relevant article that will be posted on an authority website and have a backlink to your website.

A freshly written article explicitly produced for your business can be more pinpoint-focused and highly relevant than a pre-existing article we’d get a niche edit from.

  • We can add your keywords to the title of the article
  • We can drill way down and get ultra-specific about a topic
  • We can choose where in the article to put the link, preferably in the first paragraph
  • We can add a link to your GBP
  • We can add your name, address, and phone number
  • We can add a promotional element to the piece
  • We can add a CTA

Niche Edits Pack A Bigger Punch

A link from an aged article that’s already ranking for some keywords has inbound links and some organic traffic that will immediately give you a significant boost in authority.

Niche edits get the nod for increasing authority quickly because a link from a page with a backlink profile will send a fat dose of link juice straight to your money pages.

A guest post starts as a PA1 (PA is Page Authority) and takes time to build strength. Our niche edits can have 15-20 inbound links and PA15+. Sending all that juice straight into a money page on your website can quickly impact your rankings. (all things considered: on-page, anchor text ratio, competition level, etc.)

Plus, getting niche edits is faster because you do not have to pick a topic, find the references, write/edit the articles, get them approved by the webmasters, and wait for them to publish.

Niche Edits fly after the initial outreach and negotiations: we send the paragraph, make the payment, and check the page to ensure the link is live…bam, you get the juice!
Niche Edits for website ranking power - buy-link-insertions

White Hat vs. Black Hat Niche Edits Explained

Knowing the difference between a white hat niche edit and a black hat niche edit is a good idea. A high-end search engine optimization agency should never employ black hat techniques.

White hat niche edits are like organic vegetables. Get as many as possible, especially if they’re on websites relevant to your business and you make intelligent anchor text choices.

Black hat niche edits will poison your website and tank you in the SERPs.

Here’s a deeper look:

White Hat Niche Edits

Done correctly, niche edits are a super clean and organic way to get high-quality backlinks.

As stated above, we use the traditional outreach strategy to ask website owners to add some HELPFUL content with your link to an article on their website.

We write a paragraph or two that adds value to the article, and your link is placed in the content naturally with the proper anchor text.

Adding value to the page is what makes our niche edits white hat. Plus, it’s normal for a blogger to edit their articles from time to time, so there’s nothing unusual or weird about this process.

Niche edits cost the same as guest posts because although you’re saving on content, it takes quite a bit more time to locate the best pages and negotiate with the website owners.

Black Hat Niche Edits – bad!

Black hat niche edits are links injected into hacked websites using software bots without the website owner’s consent.

You don’t want these links. They’re unethical, violate search engine guidelines, and can result in penalization or de-indexing of the website.

Black hat SEO services sell these links by the bunch for cheap, which should be the first red flag.

5 links for $200 is trouble…

SAPE Links – bad!

SAPE (System for Automatic Placement of Links) is a Russian link-building service that sells links to boost search engine rankings. It operates on a network of websites and provides links that appear as part of the content.

The infamous SAPE network gave SEOs a way to quickly and cheaply buy high-DA backlinks. This method worked until Google cracked the whip, devaluing these links.

However, it doesn’t stop link vendors from selling them. Look out for cheap backlinks with Russian text.

Niche Edits on Hacked Sites – bad!

Hackers have found a way to bust into websites, insert links wherever they want, and then charge clients for the placements. The website owners usually have yet to learn this is happening.

Obviously, this is more serious than buying a bad link.

Hacking someone’s website is illegal and unethical, and using it to add links for SEO purposes is considered a malicious act. Using hacked sites for Niche Edits can have serious consequences, including penalties from search engines and legal action.

Bots, Software, GSA – bad!

Some SEO agencies use bots, software, and GSA (General Search Engine Optimization Assistance) to build backlinks for websites automatically.

These tools scrape websites for potential link building opportunities and then place backlinks on those sites. The links are often referred to as “niche edits” because they are intended to fit the theme or niche of the target website.

However, using these tools can be problematic as they may result in low-quality or spammy links, hurting your website’s reputation and search engine rankings.

Big, bad, Google has algorithms to detect and penalize sites that use such tools, making their use risky for SEO.

Bots are bad, so stay away.

PBNs – used to be ok, but now…, bad!

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are networks of websites that are typically built to sell links. The owners of these PBNs sell links at low prices.

These PBN links are not necessarily considered a hardcore black hat tactic, but they are also not regarded as high-quality and are unlikely to significantly impact a website’s search engine rankings.

A DA40 link, for example, can typically be purchased for $50-$60, which is relatively inexpensive compared to other healthier and more effective link-building strategies.

Link Farms – horrible!

A link farm is a website used solely to sell backlinks. Link farm owners will sell batches of links to anyone for a few bucks. The websites lack authority and relevance, the content is garbage, and each page is littered with random outbound links.

Run from the farms – there’s nothing fresh to eat.

What’s The Best Way To Buy Niche Edits?

I’m glad you asked.

Follow this guideline, and you’ll knock it out of the park.

Plan Your Niche Edit Strategy

Place all of your target URLs and anchor text choices in a spreadsheet.

I suggest linking to your money pages and to blog posts that have internal links to your money pages.

Read the posts and watch my videos on Anchor Text and Internal Linking for help.

Link Velocity

Link velocity refers to the rate at which a website acquires backlinks over time. Consistent link velocity is a positive factor in SEO, as it shows the website’s popularity and relevance.

A balanced link velocity can improve search engine rankings, while sudden spikes or drops in link acquisition can raise red flags.

Decide how many new authority links you want each month with this simple guideline:

  • Focus on quality over quantity: Acquiring high-quality links from reputable sources is more important than acquiring a large number of links from low-quality sources.
  • Avoid link spikes: Avoid acquiring large numbers of links quickly, as this can raise red flags with search engines and be seen as a sign of unnatural link-building practices.
  • Vary your link sources: Try to get links from a variety of sources, such as guest blogging, niche edits, directories, and social media, rather than relying solely on one method.
  • Keep it consistent: Get links at a steady pace, every month to show that your website is popular and relevant.
  • Monitor your link velocity: Use tools to track your link velocity and adjust your link building strategies accordingly.
  • Match your traffic: More traffic means more links.

Buy Niche Edits On This Website

I suggest allocating 40% of your link building budget to niche edits and 60% to guest posts.

This is an excellent monthly package for most small businesses:
4 Niche Edits
6 Guest Posts

From the product pages, choose the DR, industry, anchor text, and a number of links you need, then proceed to checkout.

Your work is done. Easy.

We Do The Outreach

Our outreach team finds relevant websites and uses Ahrefs ‘top content’ and ‘best by links’ sorting features to locate the pages with the most inbound links and most substantial link juice.

We contact the website owners and negotiate a deal to get your link on their best page.

It’s a time-consuming process that we’ve managed to get down to a sweet science.

We Write The Paragraph

Our copywriting team will write a paragraph designed to add value to our chosen page. The paragraph will naturally insert your link and anchor text into the flow of the content.

We Finalize The Deal

We handle all the follow-up to ensure your link goes live, it’s all correct (copy, anchor, target URL, do-follow, etc), we make the payment, and you get the juice!

You Get The Report

Just go to your dashboard to see each niche edit we secured. You can click the links and go to the pages to check our work. I recommend using ahrefs to see the metrics! We’re proud of our work and the results we provide.

You can export an unbranded CSV for white-label link building.

Link Insertions FAQ

How Do You Buy Link Insertions (Niche Edits)?

UppercutSEO uses a labor-intensive outreach strategy to get niche edits for our clients. We don’t use robots or software (no GSA), and we don’t offer cheap pricing because we do this work manually, and the links are relevant and powerful.

Are Niche Edits an Effective Link Building Strategy?

Hell yeah. When done correctly, niche edits can provide valuable backlinks to your website and help improve your search engine rankings.

The websites should have high domain authority, be relevant to your niche, and have a solid reputation. Additionally, the link placement should be natural, use the correct anchor text, and add value to the article or post.

Are Niche Edits (Link Insertions) Hacked Links?

No. White hat niche edits are a legitimate and organic way to get excellent backlinks. The website owner is contacted through traditional outreach and agrees to add a paragraph with your link to a page on their site. The paragraph and the link to your website add value to the page. Hacked links are added without the website owner’s approval.

Are Niche Edits Similar To Broken Link Building?

They’re close. Instead of asking the website owner to replace a broken link on their site with your link, we ask them to add a paragraph to a page of our choice. Niche Edits is more powerful and effective because we can choose the perfect page with a great backlink profile and choose the appropriate anchor text instead of being limited to only a page with a broken link.

Who Builds Your Niche Edits?

Your Niche Edits are built using the same team and process as your Blogger Outreach links. The only difference is that you get a link on a seasoned page with some authority instead of a new post.

How Long Will Your Niche Edits Stay Live?

Most links will stay live indefinitely. They rarely get removed, but links can go down since we do not own the websites we place on. We guarantee that your links will be live for at least 90 days. If you notice a dropped link, contact customer support, and we’ll replace it with a new link at no charge.

How Safe Are Niche Edits For My Website?

The higher the quality, the safer the link. All links are only as safe as the quality of the website, the quality and relevance of the content, the relevance of the anchor text, and the target URL. You also have to consider your link velocity, meaning you can’t just build 20 high-quality niche edits to one page in one week.

It’s not natural, and you may get dinged for it.

Our Niche Edits are top-notch, gathered through a rigorous process of outreach and filtering, but they have to be used correctly.

What Level of Domain Authority (DA) Should I Choose?

The more competitive your market is, the more strength your website will need to rank. If you’re a small local business without tons of Google competition, then a handful of DA20 and DA30 a month should be fine.

National brands need more power.

Mix them up and keep your DA and quantities random month to month.

What Pages of My Website Should Get Niche Edits?

Here’s a rough estimate for monthly link-building through guest posts.

Homepage: 25%
Money pages: 25%

A relevant blog post: 50% (we recommend linking to your blog more than a money page because it’s more natural for a blogger to link to a purely informational page than a product or service page.)

You can point your link to a relevant blog post on your website and then link to your money page from that blog post, which will send link juice to your money page from the guest post.

How Are You Able to Get These High-Quality Niche Edits?

We have decades of link building experience, focusing on building relationships with bloggers and webmasters of high-authority websites. In exchange for a link to your website, we provide them with engaging content crafted explicitly for their target audience. We developed a niche edit process that works!

How Will Your Niche Edits Affect the Other SEO Work I’m Doing?

Every website needs links from trusted, high-DR sites with traffic. As long as you get your categories, link velocity, and anchor text right, our niche edits will complement any SEO strategy you are currently implementing.

Can I Place One Large Order With Multiple Client Domains?

Yes, the dashboard is set up based on campaigns. You can buy links for multiple websites and clients in one campaign. All you need to do is choose your DR, categories, target URL, and anchor text, and we’ll handle the rest. Your report will be organized by campaign.

Can We Approve Content or Pages Before You Place the Niche Edits?

I’m sorry, but that adds extra steps and time to the niche edit process and forces the niche edit costs to climb.

Do you take orders for adult websites or gambling?

Sorry, no.

Thanks for reading this post!

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