What Is Evergreen Content and How Do You Create It?

Many top marketers report that high-quality evergreen pieces can generate new visits for over a year after initial posting.

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Last updated on December 19, 2023

When you are creating content for your site, it comes down to two things:

– You can create content that will generate clicks for several years (evergreen)
– You can generate content that will only generate interest while it’s trending

Evergreen content will generate more organic traffic to your site for an extended period. It can even be updated at a later time to keep it fresh.

Trendy content brings in traffic while the topic is hot. After that, it sits dead in the water. You worked hard creating content for just a brief uptick in visits.

Which type of content are you more interested in creating?

The answer, of course, is Evergreen. Use this guide to discover:

  • Definition Of Evergreen Content
  • The Many Benefits Of Evergreen Content
  • How To Create Evergreen Content

What Is Evergreen Content and How Do You Create It?Definition Of Evergreen Content

What defines content as being evergreen? Evergreen content is a type that does not go out of style because it was never in style.

Evergreen content provides meaningful and in-depth content that gives the reader exactly what they want when searching.

Evergreen content will be current and relevant for at least one year and possibly more.

Top-rated evergreen content can be updated later to make it more relevant.

And these sites will generate a lot of traffic during April and possibly May because people want that information right now. But what about in September or January of 2023?

Those sites are not going to get any relevant traffic at all.

However, if you search for “low carb vegetables,” you will see an entirely different search result.

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The information on these sites can be a day old or three years old; it does not matter. These sites are relevant to providing information about low-carb vegetables.

Vegetables will not change next year, so the information is meaningful.

People are always searching for ways to stay healthy and eat the best diet, so the information is relevant.

However, it is also important to know the difference between evergreen topics and evergreen content.

Examples of Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics are topics that people are always going to look for online. Some of the most popular searches would include:

  • How to get in shape
  • How to save money
  • How to be successful

Of course, these are only some evergreen topics, but you get what topics are always researched online.

Examples of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that answers these most often searched terms. For example:

  • Ten Exercises That You Can Do At Your Desk
  • Getting The Most From Digital Coupons
  • Five Tips For Being More Successful Each Day

When you are creating your content, you are going to want to try to use both evergreen topics and evergreen content in your piece.

The Many Benefits Of Evergreen Content

Having a successful website means that you are generating organic visits. You are becoming an authority on a subject, service, or product. It is about generating interest.

You can do this by posting content several times a day, like a news agency, which is ridiculous unless you are a news agency, or you can put out quality content that keeps driving people to your site.

Evergreen content saves time and money. When you do not have to pump out mediocre content continually, you can spend real time putting out evergreen content.

Evergreen content will continue to generate visits to your site. This ups your ranking and gives authority to your information.

Face it, The Internet Is Filled With Mediocre Content Or Worse

There is so much content available on the Internet that it is hard to fathom the number of pieces.

What is even harder to believe is the amount of useless content. They are fluff pieces or outdated information that no longer provides relevant information.

Even major sites are guilty of producing content that does not enhance user experience and only holds relevance for a few days.

Instead of focusing on the latest trends, focus on experience, relevance, and meaning. That is the best use of your content creation time.

Yes, exciting topics and trending ideas are fun, but do they provide you with the ROI you want from your site?

Keep the trendy stuff for your social media posts, and stick with creating evergreen content for your site.

Evergreen Content Will Accomplish The Following:

1. Helps Your Site Rank Better

Since the information is timeless, search engines like it more than other types of content. The latest trend with Google is ensuring users have the best experience.

They want to ensure that when someone uses their search engine, they find what they need quickly and easily. Evergreen content ensures that the information is relevant today and not old information that would detract from the user’s experience.

2. Generates Website Visitors For An Extended Time

High-quality evergreen pieces have the ability to generate new leads and return visitors for a very long time.

Many top marketers report that high-quality evergreen pieces can generate new visits for over a year after initial posting. If updated to stay current later, many of these pieces can be relevant for several years.

3. Keeps Your Site Relevant To More People

Evergreen content, the type of content that people come back to and reference, will help keep your site relevant to your visitors for longer periods. You have created a superior evergreen piece when you can catch their attention with a content piece that makes your visitor think, inspires them to try something, or just makes them feel positive.

How To Create Evergreen Content For Your Website

Start With Keyword Research

When researching relevant keywords for your content, take your research one step further and look for keywords with a high search volume for a long period. These are the keywords that generate SERP traffic for a long time. This article will help you plan your content creation.

Optimize and Edit

You want to ensure that you add internal links within your content to help optimize the user experience. You will also want to ensure that the content is set up logically and flows from start to finish.

Make sure that you edit your content. The best content in the world loses credibility due to typos and grammatical errors. Yes, people do notice them.

Create Content That People Crave

When you create content, you strive to make it marginally better. You want the Internet to be a better place because of what you posted.

Yes, a little dramatic, but you get the point. Mediocre is, after all, easy to forget.

Stay Away From Trending Topics, News Articles, And Specific Dates

Trends on the Internet fade as fast as they start.

News is only for a day or two, and then it is gone.

Articles with specific dates become “dated material.”

Avoid all of these things to keep your content evergreen.

Increase Visibility Through Promotions

When you have created a great evergreen piece, don’t keep it to yourself. Take advantage of the many ways available to promote your content, and do just that – promote it!

The more exposure your content gets, the more authority you can create as more people visit your site. It is a win-win situation.

Is True Evergreen Content Possible?

Is it possible to create truly evergreen content? Yes and no. Yes, you can create evergreen content; no, it will only sometimes remain that way unless you care for it over time.

Care for your content

Yes. Care for your content. Things change. That is how life goes. New things pop up, and old things go away. Algorithms change, people change, and needs change.

To ensure that your popular evergreen pieces remain relevant and evergreen, you are encouraged to:

Periodically check links and information

Ensure you revisit links in our content to ensure they are still working. Add new links when new information is available—update statistics for current information.

It is important to remember that Google will penalize content with broken links and outdated statistics.

Check your keywords again

User intent can change with time. Ensure that the keywords you have targeted with this content are still relevant. If not, change the content up a little to include new keywords.

Peer review your content

If your content loses rank, it is time to see what the competition offers. Look at the type of content that is now outranking you in search and see what they are offering.

Are they adding new info? Are they adding graphics? Is there a new theme they are addressing? Researching what others are creating content about is a great way to keep your content relevant and high-ranking.

Evergreen Content Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Creating quality pieces that are evergreen in nature will help you rank higher on Google. Google is all about the experience, not just the search.

If creating one amazing piece a week that will generate a lot of organic traffic for a long time sounds great, then make that your goal. No one wants to generate 20 posts a week just so their site can appear active.

If Google believes user experience is most important, go with the flow and make every piece you create something people will remember, link to, and share.

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