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Fully Managed Link-Building

Maximize your website’s online presence with our Fully Managed Link-Building service.

Our team of experts will provide a complete on-page SEO audit, backlink analysis, competition analysis, and secure quality guest posts and link insertions to improve your website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

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Whether you’re an agency owner with 100 clients or a small business owner running a local shop, we crush the link-building for you so you can focus on growing your business.
Fully Managed Link-Building Service

Analysis Before Link-Building

Good links are good for you, like vegetables, so anytime you build them, you’re gonna benefit. However, if you want your website to succeed online quickly, it’s wise to do a thorough SEO analysis first.

We want to know your website’s strengths and weaknesses to create a killer link-building strategy.

Our analysis will give you valuable insights into your website’s current optimization, help you identify areas for improvement, and allow you to drive more traffic and improve search engine rankings.

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We start with a comprehensive on-page SEO audit that will give you a clear picture of how well your website is optimized for your keywords.

  • Title Tag: An assessment of the page title’s relevance, length, and keyword usage.
  • Meta Description: An evaluation of the meta description’s length, relevance, and keyword usage.
  • Header Tags (H1-H6): An analysis of the header tags’ usage and content structure on the page.
  • URL Structure: An assessment of the URL’s length, readability, and keyword usage.
  • Content: An evaluation of the page’s content for relevance, quality, user intent, and keyword usage.
  • Keyword Density: An analysis of the keyword usage throughout the page’s content.
  • Image Optimization: An evaluation of the image file sizes, alt text, and captions for search engine optimization.
  • Internal Linking: An analysis of the internal linking structure, including the use of anchor text and context.
  • External Linking: An evaluation of the external outbound links on the page, including the use of follow and nofollow links.
  • Mobile Optimization: An assessment of the page’s mobile responsiveness and usability.
  • Page Speed: An evaluation of the page’s loading time and optimization for search engines.
  • Schema Markup: An analysis of schema markup to provide additional context and information to search engines.

Next, we will do a thorough backlink analysis to identify gaps in your backlink profile and create a strategy to improve it.

  • The number of Referring Domains: The total number of websites pointing to your site.
  • Link Targets: The URLs of the pages being linked to.
  • Link Quality: Assessing the linking website’s relevance, trust, and authority.
  • Link Type: Follow or nofollow, directory, web 2.0, sponsored, contextual, etc
  • Anchor Text: An analysis of the exact and partial match anchors.
  • Link Context: The surrounding text and content of the linking page can provide additional context and meaning to the link.
  • Link Timestamp: The date when the link was first discovered and the date of any changes to the link.

Finally, we’ll do a competition analysis to know who to beat and what it’ll take to win.

  • Keyword Research: An analysis of the keywords and phrases targeted by competitors and assessing their potential relevance and difficulty.
  • Competitor Websites: A review of the websites ranking for targeted keywords, including their domain authority, backlink profiles, and on-page optimization.
  • Content Strategy: An evaluation of the competitors’ content strategies, including the types of content being published, the frequency of publication, and the use of multimedia.
  • Link Building: An analysis of the competitors’ link-building strategies, including the quality and quantity of backlinks and internal and external links.

Once we have a clear picture of your ranking, on-page, and backlink profile and that of your competitors, we make the on-page and content suggestions and start the link building, which includes securing guest posts and link insertions (niche edits) that would put you in the best position to outrank your competition and increase traffic.

We’ll ping you to your dashboard as soon as they go live. We’re always available to answer questions via the messaging app.

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