Backlink Builders: What They Do and How to Find the Best

You absolutely CAN try to build backlinks yourself. But trust me when I say you will end up frustrated with little to show for it except some wasted time.

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Last updated on March 6, 2024

Backlink builders aren’t hard to find. Just a quick Google search brings up literally hundreds of options:
link builders

Here’s what IS hard to find:

A backlink builder who actually does what you’re paying them for. Someone who gets the job done.

Uppercut SEO was built on the promise to be better than that. In fact, we’re built to be the best link builders in the business.

I’ve been in this business for more than a decade. And my team has deep experience — decades, collectively.

We’ve built processes that ACTUALLY move the needle for businesses in the most competitive industries on the planet:

And many more.

But you’re not here to take my word for it. You’re here to learn about backlink builders so you can find the PERFECT link building solution for your business.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for below:

What Do Backlink Builders Do?

Link builders build backlinks. It’s circular, but it’s true.

But what does that mean, really?

It means they’re pounding the pavement to find high-quality websites that will link to your website.

They’re creating content that other websites actually want to link to. They’re leveraging existing relationships with amazing websites. They’re sending email after email after email.

If they’re doing it right, they’re doing A LOT.

And they’re not afraid to be measured by their key deliverable: The number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website.

Backlink builders may undertake dozens of link building tactics to keep the links coming:

The best link builders find the tactics that work for YOUR business in YOUR industry. And trust me — that’s not the same for everyone.

Why Backlinks Matter for Business Websites

Let’s back up a bit:

Why should you care about backlinks in the first place? Why should you hire someone to build backlinks for you?

Because backlinks are the absolute CORE of SEO. In other words:

Without backlinks, your search engine rankings and traffic will never be where you want them to be.

That’s because Google and other search engines rely on backlinks to understand which sites deserve to rank well. It’s been this way since the very first Google patent that was ever filed.

And it’s not going to change. At least not for the foreseeable future.

Get backlinks from high-quality, relevant websites on a consistent basis, and your business website’s rankings will skyrocket.

I’ve seen it literally hundreds of times. I’ve been personally responsible for it hundreds of times.

And now, the Uppercut team is doing it at scale — free of bullsh*t — for businesses and agencies that want the best links in the business.

Why Pay a Link Builder When I Could Do It Myself?

I’m not going to lie:

Link building is going to cost you.

So it’s natural that you might wonder why you shouldn’t do it yourself and save some cash.

You absolutely CAN try to build backlinks yourself. But trust me when I say you will end up frustrated with little to show for it except some wasted time.

It’s sort of like trying to redo the wiring in your house.

Sure, you can watch YouTube videos and read books for electricians. And you can gut your existing wiring. And you might even get part of the way there.

But ultimately, this kind of thing requires experience. So you get stuck. Or, worse, you do some damage.

It’s just like that in link building. You can completely fail to build backlinks. Or build too few. And then your rankings stagnate while your competitors are killing it.

Worst-case scenario:

You build the wrong backlinks in the wrong way, and Google decides your site shouldn’t show up in search results AT ALL.

Sadly, I’ve seen this happen too many times to count. And it’s almost always because a non-expert tried to do their own link building (or they hired someone who didn’t know what they were doing).

THAT is why it’s worth paying a legitimate, experienced backlink builder like Uppercut SEO.

How to Find the Best Backlink Builders

Like I said before: There’s no shortage of people who call themselves backlink builders.

But you want the BEST.

So, how do you find the best?

Below, I’m going to walk you through the key strategies you can use to determine whether a link builder is actually good at building backlinks.

Ask Questions

Bad link builders want you to just buy without asking any questions. That’s because they know they don’t have the answers they ought to have.

So, ask questions.

What kinds of questions? I recommend starting with their link building methods.

Ask this:

“How do you build backlinks for your clients?”

If they say that’s proprietary, simply refuse to answer, or say something vague like “guest posts,” that may be a sign that you don’t want to work with them.

Look for a more specific answer. For example, here’s how the Uppercut team would answer that question:

“We use a variety of methods to build backlinks. Our key methods are guest posting on a high-quality network of sites, finding new, industry-specific guest post opportunities for you, and purchasing link insertions in high-ranking existing content.”

See how we were specific without dodging or writing a novel? That’s what you want to see when you’re vetting link builders.

Here are some other questions you should ask any backlink builders you’re considering working with:

  • Do you guarantee a certain number of backlinks? (The answer, in most cases, should be yes.)
  • What metrics do you use to determine whether a site is worth getting a backlink from? (The answer should include organic traffic, niche relevance, and domain rating/authority.)
  • Do you engage in any tactics that could be considered link spam? (They’ll likely say no, which is good, but make them elaborate here.)

Of course, use the question-asking phase to get a feel for the link builder.

Ask YOURSELF this question: Is this someone I want to work with? And is this someone I want to entrust with my business’ website?

Check Qualifications

The funny thing about being a link builder is that, while it’s REALLY difficult and not just anyone can do it, just about anyone can wake up one morning and start calling themselves a backlink builder.

And, take it from me: It happens a lot.

This is a problem that plagues the SEO and content industries. There are NO reputable, official qualifications to look to.

With law, you have JDs. With medicine, MDs. And so on.

With link building, though? There ARE qualifications. They just aren’t degrees. Here’s what to look for:

  • Years of experience in the field
  • Demonstrated client results
  • Deep understanding of SEO and link building

Getting to the heart of these qualifications is going to require you to ask some questions, so combine this part with the “Ask Questions” phase I talked about above.

Get Numbers

If you’re as sharp as most of my clients are, you’re probably already thinking this:

“What if the backlink builder lies when I ask them all these questions?”

Yeah, it happens. I hate to say it, but it does.

But what’s harder to fake is data. Hard numbers. So, ask for that in conjunction with the other questions you’re asking.

Here’s what I mean by that:

  • If they say they’ve obtained backlinks for countless websites, ask them to tell you how many websites IN YOUR NICHE they’ve obtained backlinks for.
  • If they say their clients see massive SEO results from their link building campaigns, ask to see a Google Search Console report that proves it in terms of rankings, organic impressions, and organic traffic.
  • If they say they have a network of websites they have relationships with for link building purposes, ask them how many websites are in that network. Ask to see the list. And ask them how many of those websites are relevant to YOUR niche.

In other words, make them back up their claims with hard data. And don’t take no for an answer.

Be Specific

“We’ll build backlinks for your website” isn’t good enough. It needs to be more specific.

In other words:

HOW will you build those backlinks? Will you do guest posts? Link insertions? Media outreach?

The answer is likely a combination of link building methods. From there, ask about their processes within those methods.

For example, if they say they do media outreach, ask them which platforms they use. Is it HARO, SourceBottle, Qwoted, or something else?

Make them get into the details. If you feel like a link builder is being vague, there’s a reason for it. And it probably isn’t a good one.

What the Best Backlink Builders ALL Have in Common

Separating the so-called link builders from the real-deal link builders isn’t easy. But as you embark on this journey, you’ll quickly realize that all the best backlink builders you identify will have a few traits in common:

Years of Experience

A new link builder is never the best link builder. Plain and simple.

This field requires experience. Serious experience — on the order of years and years.

I’m NOT saying these newer link builders will never be great. But let them try and fail on someone else’s website, not yours.

That’s why I’m so proud to have more than a decade of experience in this industry under my belt. It takes a lot to get through those early years — and come out with successes to show for the struggle.

Hardcore Dedication

The best link builders don’t dabble in link building. They’re absolutely dedicated to it. Almost to the point of being fanatics.

I don’t know why it happens, but those who have a talent for building high-quality backlinks tend to fall in love with it. It’s all they think about, and it’s all they do.

That’s why I built Uppercut in the first place. I wanted to assemble a team of link builders who actually get the job done — who are dedicated to results for clients.

Deep Knowledge

Mediocre link builders know that NoFollow links are less powerful than DoFollow links.

The BEST backlink builders know that NoFollow links can send your rankings skyrocketing — if they’re from the right website and with the right anchor text.

This one is about more than just Dofollow vs. NoFollow. I’m using that example to illustrate a point:

Your link building professional needs to have DEEP knowledge of SEO and how backlinks play into it.

Anyone can read an article or two and get some surface-level knowledge. But it takes a true backlink builder to understand the nuances of link building inside and out.

Curious Minds

The thing about link building is that it changes all the time. Almost every day.

You need someone who can keep up. The best link builders HAVE TO keep up if they want to continue getting great results for their clients.

That means you need someone who is steeped in SEO. They eat, sleep, and breathe SEO, and then they talk about it over after-dinner drinks.

And anyone who can keep up with the near-daily changes to Google’s algorithm and link building in general has a curious mind. That’s what you need to look for.

How Uppercut SEO’s Team of Backlink Builders Will Help YOU

This is the part where I seal the deal. This is the part where I show you how Uppercut is the answer to the question you’ve been asking:

How do I find the best backlink builders for my website?

By working with us. It’s a simple answer, and here’s why I’m so comfortable giving it:

Providing Full Transparency

Transparency is a core value around here. And there’s one reason for that:

Transparency is SORELY lacking in the link building industry.

Bad link builders intentionally keep everything obscured by SEO smoke and mirrors so you can’t hold them accountable for not getting results.

We don’t work that way at Uppercut. In fact, we provide our clients with a FREE dashboard that shows you exactly what’s been done, what’s happening, and what will happen. And gives you complete control.

Customizing Campaigns

We try to streamline every aspect of the link building process, but that doesn’t mean we do cookie-cutter campaigns.

In fact, it’s precisely the opposite.

We’re prepared to create a fully custom backlink acquisition campaign for every single one of our clients. And we’re prepared to deliver on every promise that campaign makes.

Custom is the only way to go. Backlinks aren’t one-size-fits-all, no matter how convenient that would be for our competitors.

Managing It All So You Don’t Have To

Link building is a lot of work. And no matter how you phrase that, it’s an understatement.

Who has time for that?

You don’t. But we do. We manage EVERY aspect of your link building campaigns.

That way, you can focus on growing your business (and boost that effort with your new rankings and website traffic).

Reporting When and How You Need It

Trust me — the best you’re going to see from the other backlink builders out there is a monthly report.

And even then, that report won’t come monthly. It’ll be spotty, conveniently arriving in your inbox when there’s something positive to report.

If you want to see that for yourself, give the other guys a try. But be warned that you’ll be wasting money for a few months.

We offer something different.

We don’t do the reporting ourselves. We let our proprietary client dashboard do the reporting for us.

It’s automated, and you’re in control of it. That means you get reporting when and how you want it.

No tricks. No obfuscation. Just the truth about your link building campaign progress.

Getting the Job Done (and Done Right)

It’s hard to even think of an industry that fails as often as the link building industry. It feels like 90 percent of all link building campaigns die on the launch pad or simply never land.

I can tell you why that is:

Link builders who are out of their depth make promises they can’t keep. And they jump ship when they realize they won’t be able to deliver.

I built Uppercut to be the antidote to that. I built Uppercut to show business and agency owners like you that link building CAN be done — and done right.

We’re staking our reputation on it. Come see for yourself.

Looking for Backlink Builders? You’ve Found the Best

You’re here because you’re researching backlink builders. I know you haven’t made your choice yet, but you ARE way closer to making your choice now that you’ve read this article.

Why? Because you’re equipped to try Uppercut out and see what we’re made of. What we can (and WILL) do for you.

You’ve already found the best. But we’re happy to prove it to you.

If you’re ready, we’re ready. Contact UppercutZEO or claim your free SEO dashboard to get started.

Thanks for reading this post!

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